Venturer BravoWin 10KT survey: This 10in Windows 10 tablet-portable PC

Indeed, even the least expensive Windows 10 portable PCs can be out of spending plan for some understudies, and a more moderate option may be a spending 2-in-1 tablet-tablet cross breed, for example, this product. We discover precisely what you receive as an end-result of not a considerable measure of cash.

Venturer BravoWin 10KT review


Indeed, even the least expensive Windows 10 portable PCs can be out of spending plan for some understudies, and a more reasonable option may be a spending 2-in-1 tablet-portable workstation half and half, for example, this £150 Venturer BravoWin 10KT. We discover precisely what you receive as a byproduct of not a great deal of cash. Additionally observe: Best spending tablets 2016 UK.


This 10.1in Windows 10 tablet with attractive docking console is accessible in the UK through Amazon. It costs £149.99 with free standard conveyance, while a somewhat bigger 11.6in model expenses £199.99.


Things are progressing pretty well, then. Until you remove the Venturer BravoWin 10KT from the crate. This Windows 10 mixture has a considerable measure of points of interest, however tolerable plan and manufacture quality are not among them.

This thing looks shoddy. The laptop looks like the kind of PC you would have anticipated that would purchase five years back. It’s produced using dark and silver plastic, with nothing sitting flush with whatever else, leaving splits and corners wherever for grime to discover its way inside. Stout bezels encircling a non-overlaid screen complete off the spending look.

The Venturer isn’t awful for ports and associations, given the cost. There is both a DC input and a Micro-USB port for charging, and also a Mini-HDMI port and a full-measure USB 2.0 port, in addition to 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Our exclusive bandy is that every one of these ports sit on the left edge of the Venturer when docked, making them less effectively useful for including, for instance, a USB mouse for right-gave clients. Lefties ought to be in their component, obviously, and you can simply stay with the implicit touchpad and rather utilize this port for a USB drive or outside hard drive.

Likewise on this edge are a microSD space for signifying 64GB of removable stockpiling (exceptionally helpful, given that there’s only 32GB of inner stockpiling) and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Venturer BravoWin 10KT side view


This product runs the 32bit release of Windows 10 Home on a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor and 2GB of RAM. It’s not a speed evil presence, but rather it’s consummately capable of perusing the web, perusing and answering to messages, looking at what’s going on Facebook and notwithstanding playing the odd spilled film or YouTube cut. It will begin to battle on the off chance that you attempt to do a lot without a moment’s delay, however on the other hand a 10.1in screen isn’t in a perfect world suited to multi-entrusting. On the off chance that you require a greater screen you can utilize the Mini-HDMI port to connect it to a TV or screen.

Easygoing recreations are even a probability, given the consequences of our GFXBench illustrations test. Despite the fact that the Venturer would run just the T-Rex part, it did as such at 22fps. We run the onscreen form of this test, so here the main HD determination would have helped it to perform.

Venturer BravoWin 10KT design


If it’s all the same to you what it would appear that, the Venturer BravoWin 10KT is a perfect spending alternative for understudies. It costs just £150 and can be with you tomorrow, and that cost incorporates an attractive docking console and a full duplicate of Windows 10. It’s effectively versatile and adequately fit, if not a speed evil spirit.

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  1. Reply Lily Rose 29.11.2016 at 14:13

    I think that this is a good budget tablet and i don`t mind having it. I bet it`s quite good and can deal with simple everyday tasks. It also could be a perfect option for the kids. No need to get them mega-expensive devices at once. This one costs just 150 pound and even if a child looses or breaks it, that won`t be a big tragedy.
    The only serious flaw for me here is the absence of a sim-card slot as sometimes wi-fi is unavailable and mobile internet comes in handy. I tried to read the text carefully but i can`t remember it being mentioned anywhere… It`s a pity but we can`t get everything for 150 pound, can we?

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