Up to this day, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are officially on sale; however, they may be difficult to find

As you may know up to this day, Microsoft has already launched its new line of Surface Book portable PCs and Pro 4 tablets. However, some of you may be struggling to find these items in the near future.

The official Microsoft Store offers the option of delivery of Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core m3 and i5 (as soon as possible) in addition to the Type Covers which go with it (in pretty much all colours). On top of that, ‘Best Buy’ sells this new item, as well (in-store pickup is an accessible option, too).

Nevertheless, the i7 model is yet unaccessible, as the company has published in its news the official release date as of the 20th of November. Microsoft is expecting to offer the i5 model with 16 gigabytes of Random-Access Memory quite soon.

Speaking of the Surface Book, not a single item is to be delivered shortly via the company’s store, even after the passing of the release date on the 26th of October. Some quote the delivery period as 4-5 weeks; others as 6-7. The 1 terabyte version will only become available in the first month of next year. The company also scrapped the entry-level version’s Nvidia graphics card alternative (this was introduced a couple of weeks ago).

In case you wish to purchase the ‘Book’ model as soon as possible, we advice that you try ‘Best Buy’. However, some stores only have the i7 version with 256 gigabytes in stock; nothing else.

How is this going to affect my usage at home?

Unfortunately, if you were looking to see reviews and benchmarks prior to actually purchasing the Surface Book, you are very likely to be out of luck on the release date. Customers started pre-ordering even before the first reviews were published.

However, for loyal buyers, the large majority of reviews was positive and supportive of the new laptop as being absolutely worth the cost for the customers who are ready to pay the established price.

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