Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio. Will be a merge?

About this opportunity, Japanese media reported last year. Special negotiations of these companies on this issue were to be held on December 2015. We still did not get comments from the companies on this occasion.

According to IDC analyst Linn Huang, this decision has a lot of preconditions.

The global demand for PCs is reduced. And it is no wonder. The market is flooded with tablets and smartphones, and many of these gadgets completely replace the standard PC. Besides, the top sales headed gadgets from the Apple, Lenovo, Dell and HP, are difficult to compete with. The price competition harms producers too. In addition, the demand for the Japanese domestic market is also steadily decreasing.

So, it seems reasonable that the one company better handle with consumer crisis than three companies.

As reported by financial newspaper Nikkei the three companies, which planning to merge their PC businesses will have roughly equal shares of ownership.

This is not the first such practice. The NEC, which was a leader in the Japanese laptop market, merged its PC business with Lenovo in 2011.

It is unknown will be merger Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Vaio or not, but at the moment it seems very reasonable and right decision.

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  1. Reply Sam 27.11.2016 at 21:16

    The news of a possible merger of the major companies producing personal laptop greatly surprised me. I was particularly surprised by the decision of the company Toshiba because this corporation is much better known in the world than Fujitsu or Vaio. But on the other hand, if they unite their capacities, they can significantly save on administrative costs. This will help the future of the union to compete with the market leaders in the production of a personal laptop. So I think it will help preserve the jobs of their factories personnel. This is very encouraging, as the notebooks these manufacturers, I really like.

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