TOP TIP ALERT! Some of the most useful and unusual Spotify hacks

Publish personalized playlists, find music of the right style just for you, receive family packs and discover cooler opportunities that Spotify has to offer!

Spotify is absolutely excellent for listening to any style or type of music at a pretty decent price on a monthly basis. Certainly, a business market would not be a business marker without competition, which is a natural part of sales and trading. Spotify has many multiple competitors that offer pretty much the same functions and services. However, nevertheless, Spotify has grown and developed into such a top app, that all of its rivals and beginners gauge their uniqueness and originality by the success of Spotify’s features. If you wish to learn more about making the best of your experience with Spotify, stay tuned and keep reading further.

Top Tip #1: Connecting your Facebook account

Spotify is generally famous for the social aspect of the services that it has got to offer, some of which include sharing playlists and music with friends and having the ability to witness what kind of music is currently in trend among your friends and peers. One easy way to achieve that is to interconnect your Spotify account with your Facebook. Press “View” among the possible actions above all your playlists and click on the button “Friend Feed” to authorize this function. Having accomplished that, a window on the right side of your screen will appear with a button “Find Friends” above the rest of the text in the column. Choose this option, log in on Facebook, click on the friends who you would prefer to link your Spotify account with, and you will receive automatic updates from them and see their music feed.


Top Tip #2: Importing your iTunes Playlists

You don’t have to own all of Apple’s products to try working with iTunes and know about its features. In fact, you don’t have to own any. . The only question we have for you here is : “Have you previously tried putting together lists of songs together to make playlists for special occasions and events?”. If your answer is yes, then it would be slightly difficult to imitate this on Spotify, and you would struggle for a bit. However! You have an option of importing your already existing playlists from Apple’s iTunes! Here is how:

  1. Open up iTunes
  2. Click on “Preferences”, “Advanced”
  3. Put a tick in the box “Share iTunes Library XML” with other apps
  4. Open Spotify and follow the route “File- Import Playlists- iTunes”

Well done! You have finished!

Top Tip #3: Enabling privacy settings

To enable the privacy settings and avoid the judgment (not that we support the discrimination based on music taste, but we just want to help and make your life easier), click on the name of your Spotify account in the top right corner of your screen , choose “Private Session” from the list of the options. Once you are done listening to the “secret songs” (if you ever are) which you prefer to keep hidden, you may either reverse the process or shut down Spotify, since it will default to the public settings once you re-open the application.

Top tip #4: Family package

You can easily spread your excitement about the new music that you have recently found or some old hits with your family members, by sharing your account details. However, if you wish to do so, until your family member is done listening to songs and playlists on Spotify from your account, you cannot begin your own music session. However! Do not fret! As we have carefully thought through an answer to this dilemma: the new Family Plan, which was introduced in May 2016. The offer includes 6 pro accounts only for £ 14.99, which include all the original options and functions, as long as you live together with your family.

Top tip #5: Collaboration of playlists

Usually in most cases, playlists are put together by one single person. However, here on Spotify you can now cooperate with friends and family members or simply other users to generate playlists with team efforts. This feature is pretty handy for occasions or situations where you are planning on travelling together or organizing a collective celebration or prefer to divide up the workload of picking the best out of the best songs in preparation for an event. Getting the most of this feature is as easy as apple pie. You simply create a normal playlist just like you would typically. Right-click on it. You will then see a menu with a command “Collaborative Playlist”. Choose this option, and a small circle will appear around the name of your new playlist. Right-click, choose “Copy Playlist Link” and send to friends who have their own Spotify accounts. From now on, they will have access to the playlist.

Top tip #6: Mood???

In our opinion, the best feature of Spotify is so called “mood playlists”, which contain grouped songs and tracks that share a certain vibe about them and evoke and trigger similar emotions. You may also put together songs of the same type to accompany you in whatever you are doing. For example, if you own a coffee shop or work in one, you could use Spotify because of this feature to help you quickly find the most suitable songs for the coffee shop environment. To do so, press on “Browse”, choose the “Genre and Moods” that you prefer, and then go to “Focus”. You will be welcomed to a number of collections of a wide diversity: anything from Calming Instrumental Music to Nature Sounds. If you decide to click on “Mood” from the “Genres and Moods”, you will be able to also listen to “Stress Buster”, “Life Sucks”, “PMS Playlist” and so on. To find out more, try exploring this feature for yourself and play with it how you like.

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