Three ways to fix Windows 10 password problems

Abdi Hamid Malik upgraded to Windows 10, and it changed his login password to his Hotmail password. (Hotmail passwords are also Microsoft passwords.)

Microsoft really wants to attach your Windows environment to your online Microsoft account. Whether you think it’s a good thing depends on how you balance convenience with privacy—and how much you trust Microsoft.

But even if you vote for convenience, you may not want to log in with your Microsoft password, which may be harder to remember or type than a Windows login password.

Here are three solutions:

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Change Microsoft password

If your Microsoft password is too difficult to type every time you boot or wake up your PC, change it to something simple.

But not too simple. Online passwords are more prone to hacking than local ones. It should still be long, complex (letters, numbers, punctuation), and impossible to guess—even if it’s also easy to remember and type.

If you come up with such a password, go to Log in if need be. Click your avatar in the upper-right corner and select View Account.

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  1. Reply Dolly 07.09.2016 at 15:40

    I think pin would be harder to remember than the password, especially if it consists of ten digits, unless they are all just 0`s or 1`s lol So i`m not sure yet if i`m gonna use that option. But you`re saying it`s more safe than the password… maybe it`s worth trying. I wish i had a better memory though otherwise i have to take a piece of paper with my pin written on it wherever i go… lol

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