Three facts, which you had no idea about regarding the new Surface Book and Pro 4 models

Keep reading the summary below if you wish to find out more about the secret features of The Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4, including certain keys, settings and other tips and tricks, which may not lie so obvious on the surface.

In reality, there are a lot more features of this product, which may stay hidden for some. However, today we wanted to focus our attention only on 3 of them.

Number 1: Differences between power bricks

There appears to be 2 changed Surface power blocks which utilize the Surface Connector to power up. The SP3 3, 4 and SB without the Graphics Processing Unit all seem to utilize a similar thirty-watt block for charging. The SB with one has a bigger sixty-watt charger. You can utilize the latter one with the majority of the diverse models. Nevertheless, the thirty-watt model cannot juice up the SB with the Graphics Processing Unit while under a substantial load. It can charge it when it is turned off.

The SB with Graphics Processing Unit has a marginally ’chunkier’ power block. All of them remain functional. However, just the larger block will be able to send off charge even under an overwhelming load.

Number 2: The Graphics Processing Unit

On the SB with discrete graphics, it consequently chooses to run applications on the Graphics Processing Unit or the IGP.  Yet, imagine a scenario where you need to supersede the framework and run a specific application on the ‘eager-for-power’ Graphics Processing Unit, say, rather than the IGP, which has lower power requiremenets. To perform this substitution follow the steps below:

1)      Enter the SB’s control board, choose Hardware and Sound, and the Nvidia Control Panel.

2)      Secondly, click on Manage 3D settings > Program Settings. A rundown of programs to choose from should appear. Choose your application and after that set it from ‘on default’ to either “High-performance Nvidia processor” or “Integrated graphics.”

In addition, you have the option of reversing the SB’s control over the graphics adapted.

Number 3: GeForce Experience

The SB with the Graphics Processing Unit doesn’t accompany Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, yet it works fine and dandy. Simply install the application from Nvidia at a zero-cost yto upgrade games, so that they can operate at their maximum capacity light due to Nvidia’s trials and suggestions.

To sum up, GeForce Experience is in fact functional on the SB. It simply isn’t introduced from the production line.

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