The Panasonic has introduced its incredibly hardy 2-in-1 Toughbook 20

This kind of device on the Windows platform becoming more popular. So, trying to stay with the trend, Panasonic has released its 2-in-1 laptop with a detachable display.

As other similar devices, Toughbook has a large removable screen that can be used in tablet mode to run Windows applications. The 10.1-inch screen is quite heavy which is not very convenient in tablet mode. At the same time, he has a pretty good 1080 p webcam.

The strength characteristics deserve special attention. The laptop has the IP65 water resistance standard and is not afraid of falls and blows. Even after the fall, the laptop’s screen will continue to work in tablet mode.

The one essential drawback is that the display is fairly easy to detach and it can slip out of the hands. But, it is pretty hard to latch the touchscreen to the chassis. Considering such features is better not to acquire Toughbook for children and those, who are inattentive.

So, the Toughbook is a very interesting solution for those who are important reliability and the ability to turn the laptop into a tablet and back. Maybe, this laptop will not become the most popular on the market, but it will certainly find its buyer.

  1. Reply Alice 01.12.2016 at 23:33

    It does not seem something unique to me. It looks like a tablet with detachable keyboard… Why do we need to pay more when we can just buy a tablet on Windows? The best ibooks are those with electronic ink because they do not spoil your eyes and do not cause headache.
    What is more, it is heavy.
    It certainly has its pros, but not that much – lots of tablets do not afraid of flows and blows.

  2. Reply Norma 06.12.2016 at 14:44

    I haven`t heard about panasonic for a while… thought they didn`t exist any more…
    So this was surprising to see them keep on going. This device with a removable screen seems to be very interesting but i wonder how heavy it really is. Anyway, i don`t think it is too hard to carry it with you.
    Not every tablet has such a cam. I wish mine was as good as this one…
    And it looks like i`m starting to understand why it`s called toughbook. It`s not afraid of water and works on even after the fall which is pretty amazing! So slipping out of hands is not a problem then, isn`t it?
    I like the idea of 2 in 1 device, it can be both laptop and tab… I will keep this model in mind.

  3. Reply stanna 25.12.2016 at 04:31

    An interesting novelty of the brand Panasonic. I really liked the design and the ability to shoot at a laptop screen! I didn’t know that it’s a popular trend. This device have a good webcam (p 1080) and it’s a great advantage! Also, in the benefits need to add resistance to water as well as resistance to falls and shocks (for just such clumsy people like me).
    The disadvantages are that: Panasonic is heavy, it may fall out of the hands on the floor and break (although stated that the toughbook is shock resistant).
    Ambiguous device, there are both positive and negative sides. Clearly, someone will like it.

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