The new toppings in the old wrapper. MacBook Pro review

In this review, we consider a new 15-inch MacBook from Apple Inc. Its design quite a bit different from the first Apple’s laptop.  However, the MacBook has undergone some changes inside.

A pair words about price

At the time of this review, the MacBook’s price was £ 1599 and above.

CPU performance

As a processor in a MacBook, we see the last year’s 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7. The previous models of laptops were equipped with this generation of processors. But the performance of the laptop not harmed. It copes with everyday tasks.


Apple likes to take the best from the manufacturers of graphics chips Intel and AMD. This time for the MacBook was used GPU Radeon R9 M370X. It is fitted with 2 GB of GDDR5 video memory. It is not bad for the games or graphics programs. This chip is actually faster. During testing this graphic processor, the performance in one of the games increased by 70 % compared with   previous NVIDIA chip. Based on the test results we can say that the MacBook Pro has an excellent gaming performance.

Storage and speed

This year’s 15-inch MacBook Pro gains from the doubling in PCIe bus lanes from two to four. This laptop also now has a flash drive using four lanes of PCIe 3.0. This new standard has a nominal speed of 8 GT/s. The Apple’s transition to this data-transfer technology has become a huge breakthrough in this area.

Battery life

Another advantage of this laptop is extended battery life. Now the MacBook’s working time without charging increased by an hour. It moving from 8 to 9 hours of wireless web browsing time.


Another improvement in this model MacBook is the Force Touch trackpad. Its design has been improved. Now it is an unmoving construct, relying on strain gauges, electromagnet solenoids and additional processors and algorithms to do its work.

The Force Touch trackpad allows you to control the strength of the click. If you want to deeper click, you should press slightly longer and firmer. The Force Touch concept works well on the MacBook Pro, allowing you to use deep click for the fast-forward and rewind.


Of course, the MacBook has its drawbacks. In this model they include the outdated processor. But it also has significant advantages such as the innovative graphics chip and multifunctional trackpad. In general, MacBook retains its position of Premium laptop and do not lose their popularity through constant updates.

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