The new Razer Blade Pro

The laptop model Razer Blade Pro has returned, and apparently it is yet the company’s most remarkable gaming portable PC.

The product’s following features include:

  • 17 inches long
  • Intel i7-6700 HQ CPU
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU
  • White colour
  • Thickness: 0.88 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • 512 gigabytes of PCIe SSD storage- can be upgradable to 2 terabytes
  • 32 gigabytes of DDR4 Random Access-Memory
  • 4K screen

The item also includes a Chroma keyboard backlighting system, which can be customized.

To be able to afford all of this power in a thin laptop, the company launched the slimmest vapour chamber ever known on a global scale. It did so via a specifically customized fan physical layout and a fast-working heat exchanger to allow cooling to take place at its maximum capacity.

Due to all of the characteristics, which we described above, as well as the new design, this item is slimmer and lower in weight than its 17-inch desktop replacements.

The Razer Blade Pro is also meant to provide users with the full desktop experience with its new 4K resolution touch-screen.

The laptop comes with a mechanical keyboard, which includes switches called Ultra-Low-Profile-Mechanical. These are set to register keys pressed, which were made with 65g of force. This allows the imitation of the feel of a real mechanical key switch.

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