Tech Gear – Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 w/ Built-in Multi Touch Touchpad Review

So, it’s been a while, but I finally got my hands on a new (to me) Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard that I’m excited to share my experience with. Amazon is also running a killer deal on them compared to my local shops, so if you’re a Prime user, head over and pick up one from here: Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

I moved to a new apartment this last week, and used my Dell Inspiron 17R-SE laptop to attach to my TV  in my living room semi-permanently to create a media center, while also providing my gaming guests a platform to game with me on without bringing their rig or laptop over. Convenient, right?

Absolutely! Well, except that it’s completely inconvenient to sit right in front of a 42″ TV (I know, I need an upgrade) and try to game. Or to sit there and change something on Netflix, or surf the web. All terrible for the eyes and for the neck. And yes, I know folks, this Logitech wireless keyboard has a touchpad and proper PC gaming needs a mouse. Trust me, a solid wireless mouse for actual gaming is in the works. But for the time being, things like a few MMOs or KOTOR 2, and for surfing/Netflix uses, the K400 gets the job done perfectly from the couch.

Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Pad Keyboard

Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Pad Keyboard

The Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard features a nearly full sized keyboard (just a smidgen smaller than my Saitek Eclipse II on my gaming rig, which is a hopelessly old keyboard as well), which is great for me, as I have longer than normal fingers. I can’t stand smaller than full sized keyboards as I’ll hit the wrong key all day long, so this is a major plus in my book. Now, by full size, I mean the size of the keys and spacing. I’m well aware it doesn’t have a keypad… which I dislike, as I 10-key all numbers, but I’ll survive.

The large 3.5″ touchpad inclusive on the K400 keyboard serves me very well for most basic applications like web surfing and Netflixing, which is what I do from the couch most of the time. I don’t need a full mouse, hard surface, and mousepad (my coffee table is clear glass) for just surfing. And you had better believe if I’m doing serious gaming, it will be over in my office on my properly built desktop rig. Sure, if you’re looking for a wireless gaming keyboard and plan to run a separate mouse, the Logitech K400 will work well for you too, but if you are looking for an all in one package, this item isn’t for you.

I opted to get the black K400 wireless keyboard, as most of my furniture related to the living room is also black. But I REALLY liked the white keyboard (even at the $5 premium). It looks very sleek and stylish due to the bright white color, completely unlike the off white days of yore.

I currently run Windows 8.1 on my laptop, and just upgraded the desktop to Windows 10, and the Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard works flawlessly on both, including gesture commands enabled by swiping from the pad to one of the cardinal directions off the bad, or vice versa. Switching between applications or opening the system tools bar (right side of screen) is a snap, for when it’s time to say goodbye and goodnight for the night. Or when the coffee/energy drinks run out on the all night session. Whichever comes first. 😉

The 33 feet of range the K400 offers basically covers most of my apartment where I’d need this–be it from my kitchen’s island when I’m cooking, to up close and personal on the couch. I haven’t had a single disconnect issue with it either, even though it operates on a highly congested 2.4 GHz band (which, when in an apartment complex, is even more congested than usual).

Yes, that means this unit is NOT a bluetooth dongle equipped wireless keyboard, so you’ll be using the RF receiver that it comes with. I have plenty of USB ports open, so I don’t mind, but just giving you a heads up in case you have limited availability, or don’t have a USB hub. Plusses about the receiver? It’s one of Logitech’s Unifying receivers, so if you pick up a wireless Logitech mouse, you can use both devices with one dongle. Yes, dongle is the correct term for that little receiver.

There isn’t much I don’t like about the K400, but the one thing I have mixed feelings about is the backlight. What backlight, you might say? Exactly. I’m used to having backlit keys from back in the early millenium, so going to a keyboard without a backlight is a bit of a step back for me when using it in the dark. BUT, since the K400 requires two AA batteries (yes, this price point doesn’t get you rechargeable lithium ion batteries), I don’t mind wasting precious power on a light. With an on/off switch, the keyboard is said to last a full 12 months before needing a battery change. That, I will test and report back.

All in all, for the low Amazon price I paid for it, and all of the functionality it offers, I find the Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard a value–a steal even. I fixed a need I have in my home, and for hardly anything out of my pocket. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play some KOTOR 2 from my couch.

Pick up your K400 from here and get playing: Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard



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