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As I get more into streaming my gaming adventures on Twitch (OmegabladeX, add me if you don’t already follow!), I’ve started to invest into related gear. I’ve never been one to actively voice chat much when gaming, except for MOBAs like League or Heroes of the Storm, and once in a while when trying to raid in Destiny or Final Fantasy 14 (which, sadly, I have found little time to play anymore–sorry Heaven’s Asylum on Malboro!), but without entertaining folks while streaming… well, it’s a lot like just watching a repetitive, slow paced video. I can visit YouTube for that.

My first pick-up was Logitech G430 gaming headset, as although I have been pleased with my older Sony Playstation 3 Wireless Headset, I needed something lighter, and with a cable. Too many times have I found myself at a loss due to a low battery, or stuck with a short USB cable to charge while in use. Not to mention losing the receiver from time to time as I travel with it and my PS4 at times… ugh. Wireless is convenient most of the time, but when something goes wrong, you’re stuck without a headset, and apart falls your raid.

logitech g430 gaming headset

Not with the G430! With the Logitech G430’s massively long 2.3 meter cable–I’m now always plugged in, never miss a directional sound in glorious 7.1, and my team can hear my sitreps with crystal clarity. I’ll get into more detail about the G430’s features later, but ultimately, I didn’t buy it for the features. I bought it for the reliability and quality that I’ve come to love from Logitech tech gear, and the G430 does not disappoint in the slightest.

logitech g430 headset Easily removable and washable ear cushions! Thank you based God–sanitation made easy.

Comfort and cleanliness is important to me (just see how many times I clean my glass desk and dust my tower each week). I don’t see myself as a big sweat generator, but my rig puts out heat, and my AC doesn’t work in my room. It can get pretty roasty here in Southern California, so I’m sure between sweat and oil, my old ear cushions are probably pretty nasty. But, I can’t wash them! They’re attached, and without a way to remove the pads, I’m stuck dealing with it. Sucks to share if anyone comes over to LAN party and needs to borrow a set. In comes the G430 to the rescue. The cloth is not only absolutely comfortable, but can easily be removed and washed, keeping your headset sanitary. At first, the cloth does feel a little awkward, but it quickly goes away. I’ve sometimes forgotten I was wearing them. Note, don’t do that–these have a long USB cable, but will still be damaged (as will your rig) if you yank these out by walking away!

Sound quality. Mmm. I don’t see myself as a audiophile, but I do love directional sound and high quality sound. Clarity is important to me. The G430 does not disappoint. Although I did have trouble running this through a USB3.0 port for some reason, in a USB2.0 port, I had no issues. Some others have reported a glitch in audio quality in music and video as the headphone switches from stereo to surround rapidly, however I cannot say I report the same issues on Windows 8.1. I gave it a run with FFXIV, CS:GO, and Heroes of the Storm. I could tell where sounds were coming from–a clear advantage in CS:GO, whereas more of an immersive effect for FFXIV and Heroes of the Storm, but either way, I was impressed and hooked. I did not try it with the 3.5mm jack, though I expect great quality from there too (although subpar to use via USB with the Logitech software). I don’t like bloatware, but the customization options that the software provides is certainly worth it.

Logitech G430 3.5mm to USB connection 3.5mm to USB jack. Not sure what the issue with USB3.0 is, but I’m sure the Logitech bros will fix it shortly.

Now, before I bought these, I heard a lot of mixed feelings about the microphone quality. I can say–I have had no issues with it, nor have my team members. Be it in game voice chat or Skype, everything was glorious. I use a box fan in my room sometimes, and even when using it on my PS4 with Destiny, my fireteam couldn’t tell in the slightest, even after I asked them to listen in for it. An absolute joy compared to the Sony Playstation 3 Wireless ones that picked up just about everything in my room!

All in all, I’m extremely stoked that I picked these up. For the quality of a headset, it’s really impressive–especially at the low price point that they managed to get the Logitech G430 down to. I highly recommend these whether you’re a hardcore raider, weekend warrior, streamer, YouTuber, or just a filthy casual (joking, joking, casuals are fine…).

Pick up your set from Amazon here: Logitech G430

See ya on the stream! As usual, leave a comment, message, or ask me live if you want to chat about anything we talk about!

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