Samsung Is Gearing Up To Launch A 12-Inch Windows 10 Tablet In Early 2016: What To Expect

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A new Windows 10 device from Samsung recently received certification, suggesting an early 2016 release. The device is expected to come as a 12-inch tablet with powerful specs, likely gunning for the iPad Pro.
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Samsung apparently has more big plans on the tablet front, with a massive 12-inch tablet running Microsoft’s Windows 10 expected to make its debut sometime early next year.

The latest Windows 10 operating system raised a lot of interest since its release this summer and it continues to grow in popularity, powering an increasing number of devices.

A host of Windows 10 devices are already available on the market and more are expected to join the party in 2016, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The rumor mill is always busy churning in anticipation of new product launches and with so little left out of 2015, attention is now turning to what 2016 could bring to the table.

Back in August, rumors started to make rounds in regards to an upcoming Windows 10-powered tablet from Samsung, yet nothing materialized so far. Nevertheless, it now seems that the purported device is getting closer to launch, as some palpable proof finally hit the scene.

More specifically, an unannounced Samsung device with model number SM-W700 received certification from both the Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance, indicating that a formal debut is just around the corner. The device apparently went through the regular tests back in November, which suggests an early 2016 release. Such certifications are usually among the last steps before a device hits the market.

The certification doesn’t reveal much in terms of specifications, but it does note that the SM-W700 runs Windows 10 and sports Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. The listing was spotted by Hungarian site TechLabor (via SamMobile).

What To Expect

SamMobile notes that Samsung’s upcoming Windows 10 tablet is expected to rock a large 12-inch display with a resolution of either 2,560 x 1,600 or 3,840 x 2,400 pixels. Under the hood, the slate should pack a 13nm Intel Core M processor paired with a hefty 4 GB of RAM for a fast and fluid performance.

The large 12-inch display doesn’t sound like much of a surprise, especially considering that Samsung already went down this path, and Apple recently joined the trend with its massive iPad Pro tablet.

With smartphone sizes getting increasingly bigger and closing in on small tablets, OEMs felt the need to make a clearer difference between tablets and the super-sized phones called phablets. Tablet sales have declined recently because many consumers consider that they don’t need a tablet if they have a large phablet.

However, while a small 7-inch tablet may seem unnecessary for users who already have large smartphones, bigger slates make a more significant difference and could justify the purchase. Of course, size is not all that matters, and just sporting a massive screen would not suffice to guarantee the success of a tablet.

In addition to Windows 10 and the aforementioned potential specs, the upcoming 12-incher from Samsung could also boast an S Pen for increased productivity. It remains unclear at this point, however, just when this slate will see the light of day, or what it will be called when it launches.

For now, this tablet seems to be shaping up as an iPad Pro competitor, but with Windows 10 on its side. Samsung equipped its Galaxy Note range of smartphones with S Pens so far, but the iPad Pro with its Apple Pencil may warrant a change and could prompt Samsung to bring its S Pen stylus to the Windows 10 tablet as well.

It all remains in the rumor state until Samsung makes an official announcement, but a large tablet running the much-hyped Windows 10 would make sense. With 2016 just around the corner, it should all become clear soon enough. 

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