Review of Le Dolce Vita laptop bag

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Recently the craze in the market field of laptop cases and rucksacks has been the feature of integrating usefulness, practically and fashion, all at the same time. Laptop carriers these days propose stylish and sleek bags not just for computers. This product follows such trend.

La Dolce Vita is a slip bag, which is perfect for 13-inch portable computers. It is so compact and portable, that it can be carried under your arm and be used for other purposes, devices and possessions of yours.

In addition, your computer can fit into this waterproof tarpaulin case with 3 zipped slots.

This product is not the most roomy and vast carrier, but it provides security. However, its rating falls become of the criteria for convenience. It comes with a cross-body carry belt, which does not have shoulder protection- this may cause additional discomfort, when you wear it for too long.

However, one brilliant feature of La Dolve Vita is the interchangeable front covers. As told by the producers, they can be zipped on and off. Nevertheless, on practice it gets slightly fidgety.

The product comes in 3 colours, with 3 front covers: plain, with a swirl design, and the last one has the same swirl design with highlights of a contrasting colour. These are more attractive and fashionable than the boring canvas laptop bag, but probably not as classy as you would expect for the cost.


The relatively high cost of the bags puts it in a category ‘high class’. La Dolce Vita’s gimmicky front covers will not thrill even the most obsessed followers of the modern trends.

  1. Reply R_45 28.11.2016 at 16:31

    I do need a good waterproof bag for my laptop but i would like it to have a shoulder protection as it`s very important for me. I`ve already had some bad experience with those belts so i know what i`m talking about. It`s a nice-looking bag but i doubt i will ever buy it because it may be not comfy. Perhaps i can find a similar model which is improved. That would be great.

  2. Reply Steph 01.12.2016 at 16:53

    Hmmm… this is not how i imagined “dolce vita” but all right… At least it looks quite lightweight. Sometimes the bags can be even heavier than the laptop itself…
    The things i don`t like about this model are the color, design and shape or its shapelessness to be correct. I prefer everything to be black.. can hardly imagine myself carrying a brown bag. Oh wait… the product comes in 3 colors but still unbelievably boring.
    I am very sorry but i`m not impressed with this so-called “high class” thing. And i`m not the only one… If even it was the last bag on earth i would think trice before buying it hahaha

  3. Reply Ann_8 03.12.2016 at 14:15

    Well, what can i say? This is definitely not what i expected to see. According to the bag`s name it should have looked brilliant… but it turned out to be too much plain as for its price. I don`t think that young people may like something like this. Even people of the middle age would prefer more decent design…
    My opinion is that it`s not pretty at all, not comfortable to wear and costs like two or three bags from e-bay that would look thousand times better…
    It would suit the grand-daddies the most but again they might not go for it because of the price lol
    I just have no idea who can really like this stuff…

  4. Reply P.Ryan 10.12.2016 at 16:02

    I quite like this bag as it is compact enough and can be used for many things apart from a laptop. It may be suitable for carrying the documents as it`s made of waterproof materials. And i don`t think that shoulder protection is really needed in this case unless you are going to put some bricks inside. I will never believe that 13-inch computers can be too heavy to cause the pain in your shoulder.
    I would like to have such a bag with the interchangeable front covers. That must be interesting as it`ll always be something to choose from.
    And, by the way, this is not the most expensive bag i`ve seen so far… 😉

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