Our review of Voix Genie

This featherweight Bluetooth wireless keyboard is a possible substitute to Apple’s dockable iPad keyboard, which you can happily utilize if you own an iPad and are looking for a keyboard with real substance.

Price at the time of our test


Any Bluetooth keyboard can work with iPads. However, this model has outcompeted Apple by producing an Apple-specific one which outmaneuvered Apple’s in size and weight.

The Voix Genie is a copy of the wireless keyboard which comes with the most recently released Macs. The single difference is that all of it is made from black plastic, meanwhile Apple’s has satin aluminium layout and white keys. Also, this product does not own a dock or rear bracket built in, only a wireless keyboard that does not physically support the tablet.

The order of the F keys is not the same in them, but this should not lead to any difficulties. To illustrate, on Apple’s version the square Home button is on the left of F1 position, and in Voix designers placed an “Esc” key in its place, and moved the original button to the right.

One similarity between Apple’s version and Voix Genie is that both products have specialized keys across the F-line at the top. However, these keys are primarily serving the same function as F-keys (from F1 to F12), which can be used by pressing on them at the same time with the blue ‘Fn’ key to your left at the bottom of the keyboard.

How do I use Voix Genie?

This model is also complementary with regular computers, as it pairs by Bluetooth (which is how it usually works in the majority of wireless keyboards). You just simply need to type in an ad-hoc PIN code to finish the starting process.

Function Keys

Below is a general summary of all the F keys and their uses. You will be unable to find these on a regular keyboard for Windows or Mac OS X.

  • F1: makes the virtual screen keyboard appear on the screen
  • F2: shows the iPad search screen
  • F3: begins a slideshow of all the pictures in your storage library
  • F4: turns off the screen
  • F5: locks your screen
  • F6+ F9: media control keys with a different order to Apple- stop, play/pause, rewind, forward
  • F10+F12: volume, mute, up, down

The model which we used in our test was adapted for users in the United Kingdom- it had the British currency sign (pounds) on the key ‘3’. But it had the US-style single-height enter/ return key on the ‘A’ line. The keyboards in Britain typically have the return key as a double-height that spans A and Q lines.

To be perfectly honest with you, it is very easy to tell that the special modifier keys on both sides of the Voix Genie’s space bar were inspired by Apple’s computers. Right next to the space bar on both sides is (from left to right) ‘command’, ‘’alt’ (labeled both as ‘alt’ and ‘option’ just like with Apple’s keyboard on iPad), ‘control’ only on the left side.


Our team was not entirely impressed by the key action of this keyboard, as it does not have the precision and feedback, which we expected from QWERTY. Nevertheless, Voix Genie is more portable than the iPad keyboard. Voix Genie’s fixed dock support and the heavier platform is a physical layout, which is definitely more adapted to static desktop setups. Voix Genie is more portable and compact, as it is only 20mm in its thickness, and weighs 286g, while Apple’s is 592g. The battery in this model is also unified and rechargeable, which some Apple users may see as attractive, as they are probably sick of having to change the AA cells in their own Bluetooth keyboards.

However, the top leading keyboard among all the other models in the market for iPad may still be Apple’s (which comes with Macs), if you can manage to use it without the extra iOS custom keys.


  1. Reply Donald 01.12.2016 at 20:05

    When I first saw this keyboard, the first thought was that it is very similar to some models of Apple Corporation. But a clear distinction from the apple was, of course, color. Here it is black, which in Macs never happened 🙂 Also, I noticed that this keyboard is adapted for UK users, and to me, it is not very suitable. Although, as my friend says the designer, he liked this keyboard. I also prefer the keyboard, which lets Corporation Apple. So buy a keyboard that is described in this post,I have no desire. Because long been accustomed to the product Apple Corporation and not going to change it for anything else. So it goes:)

  2. Reply Amanda 04.12.2016 at 14:39

    I always wanted Apple to make a black version of the keyboard but alas… Luckily i have just discovered that there`s such a cool thing as The Voix Genie and gives me a hope 🙂 It looks just perfect to my eye and i assume i will enjoy using it.
    I don`t think that the different order of the F keys may cause a serious problem as i`ve dealed with the various keyboard` models and i can tell that it takes just a few minutes to get used to it.
    And if it can be paired with the regular computers then it`s just a real catch! Furthermore it is so tiny and lightweight so that i`m ready to buy it right now. The price seems to be reasonable…

  3. Reply Yvonne 09.12.2016 at 13:33

    I find it great that this keyboard is so similar to Apple`s stuff and at some point it is even better. I don`t know how they managed to do it twice as lighter but they did a very good job. That`s a huge advantage as for my thinking. Also it is more adapted to static desktop setups which makes it so desirable for me. On top of that, i assume it is more affordable than the Apple`s keyboard… Despite it was inspired by the computers of the most famous brand it still has its own style… so elegant, so black… 🙂 There`s nothing extra about it. It`s just multifunctional and reliable. Thanks to this review i`ve just found a keyboard of my dream! 🙂

  4. Reply Lana 13.12.2016 at 13:37

    My opinion is that it`s hard to find a better keyboard for this price so i don`t regret buying it. It`s just perfect for working and i noticed that my typing speed has increased a little bit within a few weeks time. I am quite pleased with that result and my wrist doesn`t get tired any more. It is so light, almost like a feather 😉 And it fits into my bag nicely so i can take it with me if i need to work on the run. It can be connected to any device which has bluetooth and i appreciate this option a lot as i can use my phone even. I`m glad i discovered such an amazing keyboard and, being honest, i prefer it to the Apple`s one.

  5. Reply miss_T 20.12.2016 at 15:42

    I got this keyboard today and have had no time to try it out properly yet, but it looks very good. Honestly, i didn`t realize it would be so light, it`s a bit unusual but i will get used to it.
    Shame on me, but this is my first wireless keyboard ever… 🙂 That`s why i feel so excited! Maybe those who`ve had a lot of these things won`t understand me… 🙂 For me it`s something new to explore and from what i can see it`s gonna be a great experience. I cannot afford apple at the moment but i`m sure that my keyboart is not worse at all. So it means i made a right choice then 🙂 Both the review and comments were very helpful! 🙂

  6. Reply Denise 23.12.2016 at 22:18

    I don`t know about my typing speed but this keybord is very good really. The only disadvantage for me is its color, i have to clean it more often as even a little bit of dust makes it look awful… It`s a shame because i expected right the opposite when was buying it… But well, this lesson i learnt 😉
    So if you are not too lazy and ready to clean it every couple of days then i can recommend it. The keys are very sensible, so only the slightest touch is needed. That makes typing very easy and fun. I had to cut my nails off though because i kept pressing two buttons instead of one, i think there`s not enough space between them…

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