Our review of Samsung Portable SSD T3 2TB

This product has very attractive appearance, high level of craftship, and is complementary to Android and PC, providing lots of storage space for its small and compact shape. Nevertheless, the drive is rather pricey despite its massive capacity and excellent performance. A capacity of 2TB is something, which you would usually correlate with old-fashioned automated hard disks. Samsung SSD T3 demonstrates all the innovations, which have recently appeared in technological advances.

Cost at the time of our test


Before mentioning any other characteristics of this product, it is obviously clear that the cost is a major disadvantage. Your motivation to purchase this SSD will probably disappear right after you find out that the pleasure of using this product will cost you over 740 dollars. Usually a 2 TB hard drive is worth 10 times less than this model.

In general, Solid State Drives like this one are great in the aspect of their powerful durability and rates of performance. However, even after double-checking the price tag, you may still not be convinced enough to pay 10 times more.

Less costly alternatives range from $116 for 250GB versions to $183 for 500GB.

Functionality and efficiency

In our experiment, we used the 2TB model, which came formatted with NTFS, and we were pleasantly amazed and shocked by its efficacy and productiveness. The item demonstrated a reading speed of 407 MB/s and a writing speed of 211 MB/s.

Physical layout and characteristics

This item is a sleek, fashionable device made of high quality materials. It comes in silver, which is a smoothly continuous band of aluminium, and grey (this one is soft-touch and rubbery).

At one end is a single USB-C port (you will have to purchase your own wire for this one to connect the drive to a device, e.g. Android phone, with USB-C or micro USB) which supports USB 3.1.

This product owns 256-bit AES hardware encryption that you may utilize through Samsung’s Security Enabler.

Note:  in case you forget your password details, you cannot gain access to the data on the drive every again. You may only receive a factory reset tool via Samsung’s service centre. However, all your documents will be erased and deleted.

Unfortunately, Samsung does not offer back up software with the drive for occasions like this. Therefore, you will either need to duplicate documents to it yourself by hand or source your own software.


In case you are looking for enormous capacity in a portable drive to back up your documents, Samsung T3 is just perfect. Nevertheless, old-fashioned hard drives are 10 times less costly than this one if you do not bother about reading and writing rates as much.

  1. Reply Kat-ty 29.11.2016 at 14:47

    The old-fashioned hard drives may cost ten times less but i wouldn`t call them reliable. I`ve already lost some important documents because of their crashes and don`t wanna take a risk any more. I just want to believe that this tiny thing is much better and it never lets me down. We are too dependant on the electronic information these days so i`d rather choose something worthy to store my files on.

  2. Reply Vikki 20.12.2016 at 13:52

    Would you pay 740 dollars for it? Seriousely? I don`t believe that. That would be absolutely crazy to spend so much money on this thing! Samsung is a famous brand and they`ve reached the point where they feel free to put the prices up for no reason at all. But at the same time their devices are not of the best quality so i`m not gonna pay just for a logo, i`d rather buy a cheaper drive. I don`t think that it would be much worse, maybe not so beautifully designed but that`s not so important when it comes just to storing the files. Nobody will see it anyway, apart from me of course. So i guess my opinion is clear 😉

  3. Reply Jane 25.12.2016 at 02:56

    Functional, useful and stylish SSD! It’s small and compact, but it can fit a 2 tb of information. From your review, I realized that the Samsung SSD is very effective and demonstrate good results in the speed test. Good, that SSD include new USB-C port (but it’s not easy to use, if you have Android device with micro USB port).
    You’re right, this device have a big flaw – it’s a price. That’s why I don’t know, I will buy it or I will choose else ssd (from other brand, but with a lowest price). In my opinion, only for having this device from the popular brand, to pay the sum of 10 times the average price on the market – it’s weird.

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