Our review of Lenovo ThinkPad P50s

It’s difficult to travel with a massive workstation out and about. However, the ThinkPad P50s (from £675) is Lenovo’s push to consolidate versatility and execution. It weighs only 2.3 kg, which is light for a PC of this size and ideal for street warriors. Be that as it may, it shuns a capable Xeon processor (i7). However, regardless, you get a discrete Nvidia Quadro M500M general processing unit with 2 gigabytes of Video Random Access Memory. Whether the P50s is for you relies on how much power you require versus how regularly you have to remove the machine from your work area.

Physical Characteristics

This laptop offers a similar dark, square shaped plan you’ll discover on each other model available. The plastic and glass-fiber undercarriage is assembled strong, and I wouldn’t mull over tossing this workstation in an attaché. The logo and the company’s symbol are both stamped on the top, yet it’s generally simple.

Lifting the top uncovers the 15.5-inch screen and the island-style console with number cushion. There’s another logo imprinted on the palm rest, situated to one side of the touchpad and unique mark peruser.


We have officially tried Intel’s present day ULV double centers commonly, so we simply need to say the most critical specs now. The i7-6500U can execute up to 4 strings at the same time and is sufficiently intense for some assignments. The issue of these Ultra Low Voltage models is normally as far as possible (Thermal Design Power), so the chips regularly can’t keep up their most extreme execution for longer periods. We were decidedly amazed by the current T460s in this regard, where as far as possible was for all time raised to 25 W.


Like other current models, Lenovo supplanted the old Video Graphics Array yield with a more cutting edge computerized High Definition Multimedia Interface port. It just backings the standard 1.4 in mix with Skylake, so the 4K determination is constrained to 30 Hertz. You can likewise utilize a Mini-DisplayPort 1.2, which can drive a 4K board at 60 Hertz.

Something else: the ports are indistinguishable to the past ThinkPad W550s, and this additionally incorporates the imperfect port design. The Ethernet jack specifically is exceptionally far to the front on the left side and in this manner , this keeps the utilization of a mouse for left-handers. The ports on the right side are likewise near each other, which can be an issue with more extensive USB streak drives.

Withstanding power

For security, the item has a discretionary, a £16 unique finger impression peruser that works with Windows Hello to give you a chance to sign in with only a swipe. The PC’s Trusted Platform Module scrambles biometric information, and our survey unit likewise bolsters vPro for remote administration (not all arrangement of the P50s offer vPro).

There are no progressions with the exception of the Video Graphics Array port, so we don’t get cutting edge ports like USB 3.1, USB-C or Thunderbolt. 3 USB 3.0 ports are not extremely liberal for a 15-inch workstation, either, and we would have jumped at the chance to see no less than 1 more port.


The 2880 x 1620 screen is pleasant and splendid, with sharp subtle elements and striking tones, covering a magnificent 106 % of the standard RGB shading extent. However, different desktop substitutions are considerably more energetic. The class normal is higher, at 126 %, and the Latitude, ZBook and standard P50 offer more reminiscent shades.

Console and other parts

I typed rapidly on the laptop, yet the console didn’t have the smart responsiveness I anticipated. There was no flex, but the keys, in spite of having an incredible 2.2 mm of travel and requiring 63 grams of compel required to press, felt somewhat soft. I achieved my normal of 110 words for each moment, yet my blunder rate hit 3 % as opposed to my typical 2 %.

General execution

With a 2.6-GHZ i7 Graphics Processing Unit, 16 gigabytes of Random Access Memory, a 512 gigabyte Solid State Drive and a Nvidia Quadro M500M Graphics processing unit with 2 gigabytes of Video Random Access Memory, the laptop has no issue taking care of different applications immediately. I had thirty tabs open in the Chrome browser, including 1 gushing a 1080p scene of Last Week Tonight, and no observable slack appeared.

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  1. Reply iChirva 05.05.2017 at 08:02

    The speakers on the ThinkPad P get nice and loud but don’t produce rich, detailed sound. When I listened to Sum 41’s “88,” the vocals and lead guitar were exceptionally clear, but the bass was distant and the percussion occasionally got lost among the other instruments. The P50’s 7 webcam is color-accurate, but it’s far too blurry for a business webcam. When I snapped a selfie at my desk, I could make out artifacts around the edges of everything in the picture, including my co-workers and a chair in the background. My beard looked like I had just messily eaten chocolate cake, and lights behind me were blown out.

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