Muslim Man Forced To Get Off Train For ‘Suspicious’ iPad Use

London Tube

Fellow passengers scolded the bigoted accuser, who apparently thought something felt suspicious about the way a Muslim man shut off his tablet.
(Photo : Oli Scarff | Getty Images News)

It doesn’t get much more absurd and racist than this.

London’s Evening Standard is reporting that a Muslim man was forced off the Tube — London’s underground train system — earlier this week after a fellow passenger complained over the “suspicious” manner that he was using his iPad with.

How an iPad is used suspiciously is beyond Tech Times, but that was the complaint that had the man being asked to get off the Piccadilly Line train in North London shortly after he shut off the tablet.

Witnesses told the Evening Standard that the man appeared shocked, before getting off the train, despite many fellow passengers coming to his defense and even calling the accuser a racist.

One witness, who spoke under anonymity, described the nasty incident to the Evening Standard.

“There was a guy stood up, dressed smartly with a man bag. He wasn’t being overtly aggressive but he had clearly taken offense to something another passenger had done,” the witness explained. “I saw people reacting, so I took my headphones off and realized he was asking someone who looked Arabic to get off the train, amongst other things because he felt threatened by him. Apparently he had turned off his iPad as the smartly dressed man had looked at it. This was deemed to be ‘suspicious’ in his eyes.”

The witness added that fellow passengers quickly interjected, coming between the accuser and his victim.

“It made me pretty sad and angry to actually see an incident like that, but also the reaction of the people coming together to vastly outnumber a bigot was pretty heart-warming,” the witness added.

A British Transport Police spokesperson called it a hate crime.

“Everyone has the right to travel safely, and nobody should feel threatened on the rail network,” the spokesperson told the Evening Standard.

Just flat out wrong.

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