As a gaming portable workstation commentator, I cherish all things strange and fantastical. Which is the reason the MSI GT83VR Titan makes me soften out up a toothy smile. It’s a 46.7-cm beast with an overclockable i7 processor, double PCI Express Solid State Drives in Super RAID 4 design, and not one, but rather 2, Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics Processing Units in SLI. Saying the laptop is quick is putting it mildly, but at a cost of  £4 127, it’s a power dream that is out of reach for ordinary gamers. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can stand to spend that sort of cash, the laptop will give you a truly solid design execution.


For a portable PC this monstrous laptop is somewhat downplayed. You have a fairly stately dark brushed-aluminum top with a couple of shiny, crimson accents. In the middle, you’ll discover the illuminated red and white ‘mythical beast’ sigil. A plastic strip toward the front goes about as the lip, imploring you to investigate the portable PC encourage.


You could have the same number of eyes as Argus and still never get tired of looking into this laptop’s 46.7-cm 1920-1080 display. The matte, hostile to glare In-plane switching screen conveyed a wide exhibit of rich, lavish shading as I watched the Hidden Figures trailer. Performing artist Taraji P. Henson’s bronze skin appeared to gleam, attracting the eye to her stunning dark red lips and white teeth. Points of interest were crisp to the point that I could plainly observe the folds of the little pink blossoms enhancing her sweater and coordinating fascinator.

Despite the fact that the device isn’t as gaudy as other gaming portable PCs, it has the well known dark aluminum case that is found on its different kin, lifting up the screen will require some quality from both hands, there’s two red Light Emittion Diode strips and the company’s Gaming logo that lights up on the top when the tablet is turned on. The engineers and designers of this item have likewise incorporated a sleek red aluminum outline around the portable workstation’s cooling vents. Generally the laptop still has a fairly forceful gaming driven plan, in any event the extra styling doesn’t make this a monstrous, larger than average gadget.


The laptop is one of just two gaming tablets to highlight a mechanical console. Utilizing a SteelSeries console with Cherry MX Brown switches, the brand gives a top of the line, desktop writing background on a laptop. I hit 70 words/minute on a Typing Test online, besting my typical 65 wpm.

Battery Life

T’was battery life that executed this monster. The laptop tapped out following 114 minutes of our battery test. That is well beneath the 4:40 desktop-substitution normal.

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