Moleskine: the top manufacturer of laptop cases and rucksacks. Our review

This brand is famous for fashionable and classy notebooks, as well as cases for e-books, laptops, which are strong and sturdy enough for streetwise protection.

Cost of the product at the time of our review

Approximately 97$ on average

Our summary

We compared 2 items: the Horizontal Device Bag (HDB; with the 13.3 and 15.4-inch models, as well as 2 colours: grey and red); and the thin Vertical one (VDB, which can handle laptops of a size of 15.4 inches; and comes in the same colours).

Each case includes a flexible and removable webbing shoulder buckle, with a metal curve fastener and a clasp, a convenient strap to settle the sack on a suitcase handle.

There’s a zipped front fold for easy access, in addition to pockets with zippers on both sides.

The handles are pleasantly cushioned for additional solace.

The HDB has dimension parameters of 35-27-8.5cm. The larger model is 39-29-8.5cm.

The average price is from $99 onwards.

The VDB measures 29-39-8.5cm, and its Recommended Retail Price is $115.

Both items reach the standards of the quality we anticipated judging by the brand’s slick note pads. Every portable PC sack or rucksack is as insignificant in size as it can be, so don’t hope to stuff them brimming with clothes or foods and drink containers. Nevertheless, they give adequate insurance to your technical possessions, and add a characteristic of tasteful quality, which the logo praises.

Moleskine are the suppliers of some of the most exquisite, elegant and attractive paper-based notebooks. Nowadays it is very rare for one to find a notebook in the market without Moleskine’s brand elastic closure, as it has been imitated by other brands in the same field.

Carrying bags are another excellent stample for portable computers. Closure is present, as well, meaning that you can attach items to the external cover and secure the inside, too.

Like the other Moleskine items, these portable computer sacks are posh, but downplayed. The carefully thought-through, attentive, silkscreened Moleskine emblem is an identification of value, and it is maintained on the same level with these cases. Indeed, even the small zip pullers highlight the brand’s name. Numerous portable workstation sacks have vast, jingly zip closes that are difficult to ignore , as they thump every time you move.

  1. Reply evil_bunny 13.12.2016 at 18:57

    It`s a shame they are so expensive! This is the main reason why i would avoid buying those bags. And according to the description there`s nothing special about them apart from the logo and price. The design is not eye-catchy at all so i wouldn`t call it pretty. I see that kind of things everywhere. The simple look doesn`t attract me. Even if the case is of a high-quality and i can use it for ages i wouldn`t stand it. I would rather buy a new bag every year because having just one is boring. Thus i`m not impressed with these items… don`t know about others but this is certainly not for me. That`s just a waste of money…

  2. Reply Sabrina 13.12.2016 at 20:02

    Amazing things! I would really love to have one of them. It takes just one look to understand everything about the quality. It must be very comfortable to wear such a rucksack… I think it`s wiser to invest into something good once than spend money on rubbish. A miser pays twice, as they say. So i would rather avoid making that mistake 😉 I`ve just ordered a new laptop and looking for a suitable case for it. And i guess this would be a good option. I wouldn`t be ashamed to go out carrying this stylish bag. We all care about our reputation, don`t we? 😉 Moreover, the red colour would suite most of my attire!

  3. Reply nikki 20.12.2016 at 14:15

    So far i`ve heard a lot of good things about these bags and they seem to be quite popular. So i feel like it`s time for me to buy one of them 🙂 I don`t believe that something cheap can be awesome. High quality requires a lot of effort, money and time spent on it. Thus we cannot buy a perfect item for a few cents. I don`t understand those who complain about the price. If you don`t like it just go and find a better option… if you can do it of course 😉 If you are not able to understand the reason why it costs so much then i cannot help it. Some people can deal with a bad quality and some cannot do it. So i`m gonna get me a new bag 😉

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