Microsoft has massively cut down on the price for its cheapest Surface Book

Surface Book, which comes with i5, 8 gigabytes of Random Access Memory and 128 gigabytes of storage, had a fifteen percent discount administered to it.

In case one of you was considering purchasing the recently launched Surface Book, unfortunately the most appropriate moment to do so has already passed. The price after the discount was £1,104.

On the British version of the company’s store has been cut down on from £1,299, leaving you with an extra £195 in your pocket, if you managed to take this offer before the 17th of October.

The discount applied to the cheapest Surface Book, meanwhile the rest of the items in the league stayed on sale for the same price.

Modifications of Surface

Apparently, Microsoft is considering changing some Surface Book models, as the other day we came across another offer for the 2-in-1 bundled with the Xbox 1 S, even though that was only accessible to those users who registered for a trial test of Windows 10. This option would provide you with a saving of up to approximately £400. However, in that case you were purchasing 2 pieces of hardware.

This behaviour of the company could be interpreted as their attempt to promote sales of the product, as they are not high enough and do not meet the expected standards. In June, the market share of Surface Book among the rest of the items in the line-up was extraordinarily tiny. To be precise, Surface Pro 4 sold 9 times more products than the Surface Book.

But to be perfectly honest, the SB is more of a ‘slot’ product because of the price. It could have had a smaller production run than the SP4, making it gain less market shares. We could not find any specific figures from the published reports; only general ratios between the items, so we cannot make any certain statements.

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