Manage your time, tasks, and life goals with these Evernote apps

Evernote is unbeatable for capturing and organizing all kinds of data. But you can amplify its power by pairing it with any of a number of third-party web apps. We especially like those that help streamline processes and organize information. Here are a few of our favorites.


Though a paperless society still eludes us, services like FileThis are keeping the dream alive. This service connects to your online accounts—banks, retail, health, and auto insurance—and fetches digital copies of all your statements, bills, and other documents. It stores them securely in the cloud where you can access them from your personal dashboard.

FileThis aggregates your online bills and statements and delivers them to Evernote.

With the Evernote web app, you can have all these documents delivered to Evernote in account-specific notebooks.

FileThis offers three plans: free, which gives you up to six connections with 500MB of storage; premium, with up to 12 connections and 1GB of storage for $2/month; and Ultimate with up to 30 connections and 10GB for $5/month.


One of the most popular productivity approaches is David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. But as it’s based around a system of habits, it’s not a quick fix. FacileThings helps you develop these habits and gives you the tools to maintain them.

FacileThings uses the GTD approach to keep you organized and productive.

This personal management system is built around the core GTD pillars of collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing, and acting. It leverages Evernote’s ability to easily capture tasks, ideas, notes, and other data to get your productivity workflow started.

FacileThings requires a subscription. Plans range from $12/month to $84/year but come with free 30-day trial.


Managing your professional relationships and all the content generated around them is tough when you use an array of digital tools. Cloze works like a personal assistant, tracking your interactions with contacts and getting you the information you need when you need it.

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  1. Reply Catherine 22.08.2016 at 13:31

    I’ll probably sound like a stick-in-the-mud, but I’m kind of wary of such apps. The idea of giving them access to my bank account and such doesn’t seem very reasonable to me, what with so many cases of identity theft and so on. No one will guarantee that your data is 100% safe. I understand that we live in a digital era, but in my opinion some things are better off as they used to be.

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