Macbooks in 2018 will include a fast, quickly-changing e-link keyboard

This month, information leaked about the fact that Apple was working with an Australian company on introducing a console including e-ink buttons prepared to powerfully change dynamically. The rumour has it that this innovation will be implemented in Apple’s laptops in the near future.

Ponder about Sonder

The new MacBook Pro of 2016 has made an impressive appearance at the Apple press event last month – with a ‘refurnished’ Air version. The Pro version was accompanied with some shape-moving keys in an OLED touchbar which adjusts in a context- delicate way to the application currently in use.

This is a replacement to the line of F keys, and is the initial step on the path towards an improved console which the company wishes to implement with the future MacBooks.

As indicated by the Wall Street Journal, the company will build in the ‘clever’ consoles into its laptops in 2018.

Apple’s portable PCs will brandish e-ink keyboards with the capacity to transform keys into any language or characters. In this way, you will use an emoji keyboard, for instance, or formats that are intended for particular applications with custom keys.

What’s more, as the same resource states, there has likewise formed an additional theory that Apple may buy Sonder. There is still a possibility of this taking place. However, it will probably happen soon in case it does actually happen.

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