Lenovo Yoga 910 Review

In case you’re searching for the ideal mix of force, style and versatility, you won’t be able to resist the Yoga 910. Lenovo’s most recent 2-in-1 (from £966 ) still wows us with this model. However, it now offers a 35.3 cm screen that gives you more to take a gander at without consuming up additional room. Indeed, even its battery life has seen a really enormous increment and will last up to 630 minutes.


All things considered, the laptop doesn’t look vastly different from a year ago’s Yoga, however that is not a terrible thing. It has smooth, brushed-metal boards on the top and base; gleaming, cleaned metal sides; and, obviously, the company’s mark watchband pivot holding everything together. It’s a tasteful, modern look that puts this model on the short rundown of the most attractive portable workstations available.

Inside, the laptop’s appearance has gotten an entirely sensational cosmetic touch up, with another show highlighting small 6 all inclusive bezels. This makes the screen appear as though it’s gliding in midair and helps the Yoga attract you much more when you’re watching motion pictures and TV.

The laptop is marginally bigger and heavier than its fundamental opponent, the HP Specter x360, however less with the goal that it could ever prevent you from placing it in a similar size sack.

Console and Touchpad

While the illuminated console brandishes a (to some degree)  shallow travel separation of 1.3 mm, it’s offset pleasantly by a moderately firm 65 g of activation weight required to discourage the keys. I experienced no difficulty hitting my normal 75 words/min on my first attempt.

The 10.1 x 5-cm one-piece touchpad is really great, as well. There’s all that anyone could need space to mouse around, and it reacted to left and right snaps and multitouch signals, for example, squeeze to-zoom, decisively.


Another advantage of the littler bezel configuration is that it permitted the company to incorporate a 35-cm screen versus the 33.7-cm one you’d regularly get on a framework this size. This outcomes in a display that is very nearly 10 % bigger than those on 33.7-cm frameworks. Albeit a few people may not be gigantic aficionados of the laptop’s (to some degree) gawky lower jaw, I rapidly disregarded that unattractive decision about the design, subsequent to looking at the laptop’s enormous, vivid screen.

When I viewed the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the full-HD board, I cherished the way the splendid, ruby-red eyes of Star-Lord’s veil shone out from the obscurity.

The shading precision was likewise very solid. It earned a Delta-E rating of 0.76, which is essentially undefined from the Specter x360’s evaluating of 0.74. We for the most part consider anything under 1 to be great.

Execution: Potent seventh gen speed

Including a 2.7-GHz i7 Central Processing Unit, 8 gigabytes of Random Access Memory and a 256 gigabyte PCI Express strong state drive, our audit unit was never harming for power. Notwithstanding when the laptop had upward of 20 tabs open in Chrome and a few HD YouTube streams playing out of sight, I didn’t see an indication of slack. I simply wish the capacity speed were somewhat speedier.

Sound: Fine, yet could be better

The 2 base mounted JBL speakers are quite nice, and can without much of a stretch fill a stay with sound. Nonetheless, contrasted and the quad-speaker Specter x360, the laptop’s mids and highs sounded shallower, and its bass didn’t have almost an indistinguishable sort of punch from I heard on the HP.

Physical Characteristics

Lenovo claims the Yoga 910 to be the world’s most slender i7 fueled convertible measuring in at only 1.43 cm thick – 0.6mm more slender than the Yoga 900. Alongside dropping some additional mass, this new cross breed has another sleeker and more keen styling instead of the somewhat awe-inspiring casing of yesteryear.

The laptop takes after a starkly cutting edge plan with straight lines framing sharp points including places you wouldn’t expect such adornment. For instance, the top and base portion of the scratch pad meet to a somewhat indented V-shape and a significantly more unmistakable hole close to the watchband pivot

System Settings

The laptop has a scope of choices with regards to Processors, yet the highest point of the line is an i7 (Gen7, correct model TBD). The designed processor is incorporated into the Intel Central Processing Unit, so it will change contingent upon which you pick. It’s not a “gaming framework”, but rather it can run most diversions that are not super-requesting.

There’s a most extreme of 16GB of RAM, and the PCIe SSD capacity can move to 1TB. This limit is entirely noteworthy, however lamentably not shoddy (goodness well). Overwhelming representation workloads aside, this PC ought to perform exceptionally well and be at the highest point of what’s conceivable in this sort of frame variable today.


To close with a decent amaze, the battery limit went from 64 to 78Wh. That is a 22 percent expansion in battery limit. The company gauges that the PC can keep running for 630 minutes in Ultra-High Definition Television and 930 minutes in Flatscreen High Definition – at any rate, this is the thing that they are getting with Mobile Mark 2014. When all is said in done, we prescribe bringing these numbers with alert and think about for the most part in view of battery limit (given a similar equipment stage and OS).

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