Lenovo Yoga 710 (11″) survey: An incredible esteem half breed portable workstation that is light and endures ages

This 11in half and half is a genuinely lightweight ultraportable portable PC with strong battery life. It’s somewhat short on network and isn’t for genuine gamers, however it takes care of business well for a great many people. Here’s our Lenovo Yoga 710 11 survey.

The Lenovo Yoga 11 710 is a tablet with a particular reason. It needs to offer the best, most helpful ultraportable portable PC encounter you can get without spending an alarming measure of cash. It offers a 360-degree pivot and a touchscreen, making it much more valuable as a fun machine while you’re going about is only a reward.


The Yoga 11 710 expenses £549 from Lenovo. While there are different models accessible in the US, there’s simply the one decision in the UK at present.

What this gets you is a contrasting option to a ultra-versatile, top of the line portable workstation like the 12-crawl MacBook. It might appear like a great deal of cash when shoddy Windows half and halves are moderately ample, however the spec and work here is entirely to something that may cost you £700-900 with a bigger screen.


The Lenovo Yoga 11 710 is a portable PC as little as you’d need to use for genuine work, the kind of work that tops off your 9-to-5 as opposed to the family administrator you may do on a Sunday morning. It is, obviously, worth saying now that Lenovo offers a 14in form of the 710 which costs £100 more. It has an Intel Core i5-6200U processor, 8GB of RAM and a full HD screen, yet is in each other regard a greater rendition of the 11in model on audit here.


The Lenovo Yoga 710 is a piece of the new band of tablets with restricted physical associations, however we’re happy to see it hasn’t discarded conventional USBs out and out for USB-C ports like some new models.

There’s one USB 3.0 attachment on the right edge, alongside a microHDMI connector. Beside the earphone jack on the other edge, that is your parcel.


An additionally squeezing stress with a portable workstation as little as the Lenovo Yoga 11 710 is whether it will be genuinely agreeable to sort on. Generally, it is.

You get a console that feels like the best Lenovo’s IdeaPad portable workstations bring to the table. While keys are typically shallow, there’s a decent piece of imperviousness to them, alongside all around characterized input when the keypress really clicks in.


Lenovo has, generally, nailed the Yoga 11 710’s screen, however. It has a couple of inadequacies, at the end of the day utilizes the right tech for the right results at the cost.

This is a 11.6-crawl 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS LCD touchscreen with the character of a tablet show. It’s polished, secured with toughened glass, it’s genuinely sharp and an absence of air crevices in the screen development makes it show up totally dark when the show is off.


The Lenovo Yoga 11 710 is “a good fit for the cash” in a few regards, yet we achieve the essence of its particular conveyability driven case is the CPU. Like the Lenovo Yoga 700, the Yoga 11 710 utilizations the Intel Core M m3-6y30 CPU.


We didn’t have incredible desires for the Lenovo Yoga 11 710’s speakers, however they are shockingly respectable for a thin and light portable PC. Two drivers fire out from the front of the portable workstation’s underside, and they deliver a more full, wealthier sound than anticipated, and additionally reasonable max volume that doesn’t bring about mutilation.


Lenovo claims the 40Wh battery of the Yoga 11 710 will keep going for eight hours. Yet, in the event that anything, that is extremely preservationist. We accomplished dead on that utilizing the portable workstation out on the town for full time work, which incorporated a few hours with the show on most extreme brilliance to battle the shiny show’s reflectivity on a sunny day.


The Lenovo Yoga 11 710 is an extraordinary little gadget for the individuals who travel a ton or who have no requirement for a major portable PC. This is one of the best other options to the 12-crawl MacBook, a genuinely tiddly machine that offers preferred esteem over Apple, also a touchscreen and a ultra-adaptable pivot. It’s not capable, but rather that is not the point. The trackpad, similar to a few of Lenovo’s late models, is not great. Yet, given the considerable esteem on offer here it merits enduring with.

  1. Reply Stenly 27.11.2016 at 19:46

    In this age of modern technology, we are no longer surprised by the word “laptop”. People are used to all the assistant mini computers and tablets. The first time I was faced with a new laptop Lenovo Yoga 11 710 I was attracted by its versatility and ease of use. Lenovo Yoga 11 710 has a number of advantages that fully justifies its price. The operation of the notebook very pleased. Highly recommend.

  2. Reply Emmy 23.12.2016 at 13:42

    As far as I understand, this device isn’t a sensation. The default settings and functionality LENOVO brand sells for a considerable price. The only difference – is the presence of not only the standard USB port, but the USB-C also. The screen isn’t bad, but with a couple of drawbacks. By the way, a good sound in the LENOVO YOGA 710 it’s a pleasant surprise, because not every laptop boasts excellent sound without the speakers! LENOVO brand promise good battery performance, but from the article I realized that the battery have an average level.
    In my opinion, YOGA 710 – this is a great option for home use, if you don’t have special requirements to it.

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