Lat_56 BC 01 Laptop Briefcase survey

The BC_01 is a top notch portable PC sack that will take screens up to around 14in, with a lot of space left for your other stuff. Here’s our LAT_56 BC_01 Laptop Briefcase audit

Lat 56 is a generally new organization, so named in light of the fact that scope 56 degrees is decisively where the Scottish central command are found. The scope of portable PC sacks and cases are gone for business explorers needing top-quality baggage which looks great, is sturdy or more all, is intended to convey your stuff securely and in a way that is open. Here’s our BC 01 Laptop

The principal thing you notice is the attaché’s weight. At more than 1kg, it’s reassuringly overwhelming and tough. The sides are secured with high-thickness froth in a hexagonal example which includes a touch of military style and intrigue.

The pack has two primary compartments. In one – which puts away up to around 13in – you’ll likewise discover dividers and zip pockets for archives and other thin things, including pens. We discovered we could pretty much fit a 15.6in portable workstation into the cushioned pocket, however it was a tight crush to close the fold and flash up the compartment, so consider a 15in screen without a doubt the most extreme you can escape with, and just if your tablet is thin. Froth ensures your portable PC front and back, however there’s very little side insurance. We’ve seen portable PC packs with better assurance, yet the BC_01 ought to at present guarantee your tablet survives the odd thump or low drop.

In the other fundamental compartment there are three takes, two of which are held closed with attractive latches and the other a coincided zip stash.

There’s a lot of space for your charger and – when you unfasten the focal match of dashes to broaden the pack – enough space for a change of garments. There’s additionally an outside zip take for papers and other documentation. A decent touch is that the zipper can slide into a retainer so it’s not all that simple for another person to unfasten it and grab, say, your travel permit.

Lat_56 obviously remains by its manifestations, as it backs the portfolio with a long five-year guarantee. Clearly, this doesn’t cover harm brought about by wear and tear (or carriers) however it covers zips, handles and some other deformities in materials or workmanship.

  1. Reply Annie 27.11.2016 at 15:52

    The material looks magnificent! I also have a similar bag which has a lot of additional pockets, in fact i can put both my laptop and tablet into it as there are two big sections. Apart from that, there is also space for my phone, charger, pens and so on. The only disadvantage is that it`s a bit too heavy even when being empty. But there`s nothing i can do about it, At least i know that my devices are safe inside.

  2. Reply Phoebe 06.12.2016 at 17:25

    This case looks very expensive and stylish as for me. I assume, if you want your laptop to be safe and sound you should be ready for a bag to be a little bit heavier than usual because any thin materials aren`t able to provide a good protection. So i would rather deal with carrying a heavy bag than fixing my device every now and then. I`m really interested in buying this thing as apart from being designed nicely it also has a five-year guarantee (if i got it right), because I wouldn`t like it to fall apart on the next day. Gotta add this item to my shopping list and treat myself with a new case. I`ve been good this year so i deserve it… lol

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