Is CHOEtech the best,  extraordinarily quick, easy and inexpensive Desktop USB Charger ?

In case you own many mobile devices that need to be charged, you will find desktop chargers a handy tool. The model, which we are going to discuss today is the quickest desktop charger, which we have ever encountered or come across.

Summary of characteristics and features

The item has 6 USB outputs: 2 are compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, making the product ridiculously quick. This technology is amazing for those devices, which are compatible to it. To illustrate, Samsung Galaxy S6 can obtain 40% of charge in 30 minutes, meanwhile other phones typically take 2-3 hours to achieve the same result. However, not all mobile devices can utilize this option, but the ones that do have a 3/4 decrease in the time needed for charging. The complete output is 60W, making it two times larger than the power of the majority of chargers on the market. Each one of the 6 ports uses approximately 10W of output.

However, do not worry if your technology cannot work with Quick Charge, as every CHOEtech quick-charging port has an output of 12W. Smart technology is able to distinguish between different kinds of devices and distribute just the right amount of power.

If we change the focus of our attention from the efficiency of the quick multi-USB charge, this product is rather attractive on the outside, too. The dimension parameters of 71.5x29x88.4mm and the weight of 158g make it tightly packed. On the outside, it is made of black plastic, which is flat, glossy, rubbery and soft to touch, with rounded edges. The 2 Quick Charge ports stand out by their blue prongs amongst the rest of the black ones.

The product is made of high quality materials, making it durable and long-lasting. The package which gets delivered to you comes with a Micro-USB cable and a power wire, which you can insert into its rear at 1.5m. It is long enough for being stored from your eyes behind a table.

Nevertheless, the physical layout is not perfect either. The device specs and the logo of Qualcomm takes up about 50% of the bigger panel. For this reason, it would make sense to place the product on the surface with this side on the bottom to hide the logo, which may be inconvenient, as many users typically place their desktop chargers standing vertically to conserve space. In the case of CHOEtech, all this information would be on full view of its right side. The device also has 2 CHOEtech logos on its top side, as well as “USB CHARGER” writing in capital letters on its back- of no use or necessity.

Price at the time of our test

24$ on average

To briefly conclude, you can find other similar products for a lower price. However, they may not meet the standards of this device’s performance. For this reason, you decide how you want to balance out the quality with the price.

  1. Reply I.D. 27.11.2016 at 16:45

    What a clever thing! I do need something like this as i usually use a few phones and it`s a disaster when they all die at once. I`m gonna look for it as it costs not too much. I hope it solves my problem so i don`t have to keep tons of different chargers at home. And if it can charge my devices more quickly that`ll be great. So far i`ve been impressed with the description.

  2. Reply Donald 01.12.2016 at 18:13

    Until that day, I thought that the chargers for smartphones can only be so when the connector is inserted into the wire and connected to the socket or with a laptop. I am shocked by what he saw, it appears that you can now charge your smartphone without connecting, but only by connecting the charger from the smartphone. It is very, very convenient! Be sure to buy yourself a charger!

  3. Reply stella 24.12.2016 at 16:07

    I wish i had this thing as it might come in handy… I also have more than one phone, so i understand how annoying it can be when you have to look for a charger, especially if all the models are different…
    To make my life a bit easier, i gave up on those chargers and started to use my computer`s USB ports instead. Thus, i can load the batteries of a few devices at once, but it usually takes so long…
    I`m not saying i`m gonna buy choetech right now, but maybe i can find something similar to it and at the same time cheaper. That would be a great deal for me really 😉 But thanks for the idea anyway. I was so busy that couldn`t even think about these things.

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