Instructions to master resetting of Windows 10

The primary reason for changing settings on your Windows is to resolve some technical issues. However, this process can delete bloatware from your computer. If you follow Microsoft’s recovery suggestions, you can start over.

In order to help users resolve the most frequently encountered issues, the company has allowed you to reset your computer, regardless of whether the problems happen on your laptop or a PC. In addition, in the middle of the year 2016, Microsoft has launched an application to let users download a clean version of Windows running on Insider Preview Builds without bloatware. Keep reading the information below to find out more about all the alternative methods you can try to reboot and wipe your computer.

Step 1: recognise the issue itself

In a nutshell, there is plenty of ways to resolve problems with Windows. However, before you begin resetting your computer, try other different fixes ranging from finding out the BSOD codes or simply checking that you are 100% sure that you do not know how to deal with some common issues, and that yours is not one of them.

Step 2: Recovery of your PC and Methods of Resetting

In case you are unable to resolve the problems independently, the only option left is rebooting your Windows. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Find the option, go to Settings (in Start Menu), or look up “ settings” in the search bar of the same menu.
  • Click on “Update and security” and then “Recovery”
  • Press on “Reset PC”. Alternatively, you can also go to “Advanced Start-up”; “Get Started” (which is in the “Reset this PC” window). Another window will appear, and you will be presented with a choice of 2 methods: 1) “Keep my files” 2) “Remove everything”.

Bear in mind that these 2 options are not the same. Keep reading to find out more about each.

Option 1: “Keep my files”

The main purpose of this is to delete all applications and change the settings, but to leave personal documents of yours safely kept.

Once you choose this method, your Windows will load all programs which will be deleted soon from either the Windows Store or just the Applications, which you downloaded.

Afterwards, your computer will keep a record of the applications, which were deleted during this rebooting process on the desktop, once everything is finalized.

Option 2: “Remove everything”

This method is perfect for those of you who do not particularly worry about your personal documents (if you have them saved somewhere else), as it deletes more information than “Keep my files”.

Ways of deletion

After pressing on “Remove everything” you will need to choose between the 2 again: either “Just remove my files” (for users who wish to keep utilizing their computer after the rebooting process) or “Remove files and clean the drive” (for those who are planning on selling their computer or reusing some of its parts for making another one). The last method requires much more time to delete, as it cleans your hard disk a couple of times. This makes it nearly impossible for unwanted people to gain access to these erased documents.

Having made a decision about your option, another window will show up on the screen, which will clearly state which files and documents will disappear from your PC as a result of the deletion process.

  1. Reply Margaret H. 28.11.2016 at 15:35

    I`m not used to sorting this kind of problems myself that`s why i have some doubts if i should do it now at all… But it seems to be quite easy so it`s hard to resist the temptation… On top of that if i manage to do it, it`ll help me to save money on the service… so wish me some good luck 🙂
    It`s nice that you keep teaching the ordinary users how to deal with one or another problem by giving us all these advices. It`s like a free IT-course that i can attend whenever i want. I have learnt a lot of simple tricks here and more to go. It`s time to try my hand at the windows resetting… It`s gonna be a real trial for such a techno-frog like me 🙂

  2. Reply Eddie 04.12.2016 at 15:09

    Windows 10 is a hell of an operating system lol It`s not easy to install, difficult to use and then inevitably it comes to resetting… But that`s good there`s such an application which gives us one more chance to start all over again (omg, it sounds just like a song, isn`t it? lol)
    I don`t see the reason why i would want to save something by choosing “keep my files” option as you never know what may cause a problem. I always backup all the important data (just can`t help being clever lol). So i guess i`d rather get rid of everything just to avoid possible problems in the future.
    Let`s do it and see what happens.

  3. Reply K.Robson 13.12.2016 at 14:30

    What would i do without your instructions, guys! 😉 They always help me to sort my computer`s things without involving somebody else. I did everything you advised and it worked all right for me so now i know what to do if this sort of problems occures again. But of course i hope it doesn`t happen 🙂
    Windows 10 is not worse than the others, it may happen to any OS, none of them is perfect.

  4. Reply Amber 13.12.2016 at 18:40

    That`s wise! I also think that once you do the resetting it makes sense to remove everything. Not long ago i had to do it too and i can tell that that was the best solution. As a result you get almost a new pc and in some way that is great. Usually my disks are loaded with tons of pix and mp3`s. that`s a real mess and im too lazy to sort it out. But after resetting it all looks fine 😉

  5. Reply femme fatale 14.12.2016 at 18:33

    After resetting my notebook started to work like normal but it`s so empty that it makes me feel depressed… lol Now i have to do everything all over again. I made a huge mistake when ignored the backup option that`s why i lost all my files and programs… :/ That was so stupid of me, i know. You cannot imagine how much i hate myself! I never expected i could ever face such a problem… i wasn`t ready for that! But i`ve learnt my lesson very well. From now on i`m gonna backup all my data like all the clever people because it`s terrible when you realize that all your memories are long gone… i mean photos and videos…

  6. Reply mark 25.12.2016 at 04:50

    Thank you, author, for your article and step-by-step instruction to resetting of Windows 10! Very useful and convenient! I have all turned.
    I caught the virus when downloading pirated software on the Internet, and was needed a professional PC cleaning. I was doing the next algorithm: Settings – Update and security – Recovery – Reset PC – Keep my files. After that, how I understand, all my old files stayed (my personal documents are in safety) and all new files (infected) deleted.
    My computer has been updated and works better than ever! Thank you for your clear explanation and the video file with the visual example!

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