Instructions to hacking Wi-Fi: How to ensure safety and prevent hacking of your router?

This article is for those who are interested to know more about the ways of hacking Wi-Fi or are worried about the safety of their own router. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi is not a dangerous or risky business, so do not worry too much. Keep reading to find out how to make your router unhackable.

Over the last few years, safety of Wi-Fi protection has improved making the majority of modern routers secure to the maximum. It is no longer possible for hackers to sign in to your Wi-Fi without a code word. The recently launched technologies now entail new encryption methods; routers come with firewalls on default; safety precautions are taken to block malicious attacks of this kind. Nevertheless, there will always be people trying to gain access to your wireless internet, so stay alert and keep reading.

Is it truly possible to hack Wi-Fi?

The only possibility of one hacking Wi-Fi is if they have enough diligence and knowledge about technological advancements. Even some of the most well-trained professional hackers who know everything about encrypted devices may struggle, as this process requires a lot of motivation and effort. On top of that, even if you manage to hack the Wi-Fi, the accessible information to you may still be limited because of anti-virus, firewall and encryption on your PC or a mobile device. Thus, sometimes the large amount of tries and experience required for this procedure, may not even make it valuable for the hacker.

Yes, before you ask us something in the lines of “But what about all the articles I’ve seen on the Internet (before this one), that gave out exact steps and instructions to hacking?”, we have to tell you that the main part of these webpages are fraud. They promote software which supposedly cracks any Wi-Fi password. However, in most cases such applications come with viruses and tracking cookies to track your download and utilization of the program. To conclude, our advice for you is to avoid installations of such software as much as possible, but also the breaking of the law, as hacking Wi-Fi is obviously an illegal act.

  1. Reply Fiona 02.12.2016 at 15:24

    So there`s nothing i can do to improve protection of my router as it`s been secured already… I will never understand why people keep doing this sort of things, i mean hacking. Why can`t we all just concentrate on our own stuff.
    Of course, for somebody it`s a business… everything is about making money today. But i`m not gonna install the software with viruses as i`m not a fool 😉

  2. Reply Belle 13.12.2016 at 14:20

    Ahahaha! But you don`t give any instructions how to hack somebody`s wi-fi! What a disappointment really! (just joking) 😉
    If you did it that would be illegal i suppose… so that`s good you don`t share that kind of information, i respect you for that. I wish everybody to follow your steps then all of us would feel much safer as internet provides a lot of possibilities both for good and bad people.

  3. Reply clever-Jo 20.12.2016 at 15:58

    I think trying to hack somebody`s wi-fi is a waste of time. That`s why there`s no any guide on how to do it. But there are other ways to get to the information you need 😉 It would be much easier to just hack an e-mail…
    But, whatever, i hope it never happens to us 🙂 We just need to be careful and avoid installing strange programs (even if they are free) and sharing our personal info on internet as you never know who`s subscribed to your twitter of facebook page… I`ve heard a lot of stories when people were too stupid to post their phone numbers and addresses… And that`s shocking how careless and naive we can be!

  4. Reply locky 22.12.2016 at 16:55

    This is not good to encourage people to do bad things. Somebody may read it and think: “oh wow, it`s so easy, so why can`t i go and hack my neighbour`s wi-fi?!!”… or whatever… Even if you don`t provide them with all the necessary information there`s always a chance that some psycho decides to try his luck. I think you should be more careful when posting this stuff.
    I wish all the software that helps to break the passwords was removed from internet but maybe that`s impossible to control all those sites… :/ It`s getting more messy through the years. The web has turned into a one giant trash hole… 🙁

  5. Reply iron_maiden 23.12.2016 at 22:39

    Oh, i`ve never worried about my wi-fi safety. I think nobody`s gonna waste time on hacking my stuff. And your article proves that i am right 😉
    And those who try to install a software to crack the passwords will get in trouble themselves. There`re two possible options for them. It may be viruses or meeting with the police… I don`t even know which one is worse…
    I believe that it is easy to track those who`s looking for such a software, every computer has its ID so i wouldn`t take a risk. Luckily not everyone can become a good hacker, otherwise it would be a disaster 🙂 My facebook account was hacked once though but there was no info someone could use 😉

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