Instructions to getting rid of password and login on Windows 10

Keep reading this article if you are tired of having to type in your password right after you turn on your computer (with Windows 10).

In general, we do not advice users to do this, as having a password protects your technology from unwanted access to your personal documents and files on the behalf of hackers, etc. We are definitely against removing this form of safety from mobile devices. However, computers are mostly used in the house, and for some it gets really annoying to enter their login details every time their PC/ laptop goes on standby. Removing this chore is not rather complicated.

This method is applicable those who want to have the option of logging in automatically.

Bypassing the Windows login screen is not too dangerous if the risks of an unwanted person gaining physical access to your computers are low. However, if your computer is in a shared office space or if you travel a lot, it is probably not safe to configure your account in this way.

how to delete password win 10

Ways to disable the login/password mode on Windows 10

Follow the instructions below to utilize Windows 10 and avoid having to type in details about your Microsoft account every time.

1) Enter “netplwiz” in the search bar of the Start Menu. Pick the option at the very top to enable this function.

2) Untick the square next to “Users must enter a username and a password to use this computer’. Click on “Apply”.

3) Type in your login details, followed by the password again. Press “Ok” twice to update the changes. Restart Windows 10.

End step tp delete password win 10

  1. Reply Ramsey 01.12.2016 at 02:09

    Ohh finally i managed to do it! Now i don`t have to enter the password everytime i start my pc. That was really annoying. I don`t think that my data`s so important that somebody would like to use it, in general, there`s nothing much to protect. I`m used to storing all of my documents on the memory cards 😉 Of course, i`m not saying that this way is the only right one but it works for me.

    • Reply Die_Sonne 14.12.2016 at 17:51

      I wouldn`t be so sure that your data is not so important. What if one day your computer is stolen? What are you gonna do then? If there`s no password it`s easy to get access to your bank accounts and any other kind of your personal information. I bet you pay your bills via internet and it`s possible that some of those passwords are remembered by your browser as you seem to be too lazy and annoyed to log-in every time. in this case it would be pretty easy to hack your stuff… even for beginners! Think about it while you still have time. Isn`t it good to protect yourself just a little bit? The passwords weren`t invented just for fun, you know 😉

      • Reply realist 21.12.2016 at 17:13

        Ohh i don`t think that any password can ever protect us. Today it can be hacked just within five minutes. There`s a lot of different software on internet so everyone can become a hacker. Thus i think that`s just a waste of time to enter the login and password. They won`t save us if someone really needs to get to our information and there`s nothing we can do it about it… that`s a fact! It all depends on chance. You may spend a hell lot of time creating super-mega-long password but machine will break it easily. So i guess it`s just better not to think about it and keep on enjoying our life. Or if you are so obsessed with the protection idea get a fingerprint scanner 😉

      • Reply rory 21.12.2016 at 16:58

        I absolutely agree with you! Password can guarantee at least a little bit of protection. But obviousely the more often we change it the better. It would be silly of me to get rid of it… Some people just don`t realize that they are potential targets. And when something bad happens they start blaming everything and everyone but not their carelessness. That`s really sad…
        Every day i read the news about how much damage hackers can cause and it makes me feel sick. We don`t take it serious until it happens to us… So i don`t wanna make somebody`s life easier and provide them with my private data. I don`t wanna be a victim as well.

  2. Reply james 13.12.2016 at 18:28

    In my case that was the best option as i kept forgetting my password all the time. That was a real disaster! Sometimes i even thought that that would be easier just to throw my computer away hehe But luckily its price stopped me.
    And now, when i don`t have to log in, using a pc has become less stressful 😉 I live alone anyway so there`s nothing to worry about i think.
    Thanks for this helpful stuff! 😉

  3. Reply mona_m 22.12.2016 at 15:56

    It makes no sense to tell somebody what to do as they`ve already decided what`s best for them. If somebody thinks that the password is no longer useful then that`s not my problem. I would rather think about my own safety and i am sure that getting rid of the password is absolutely stupid. I`m not gonna do that. I need to know that my files are safe and there`s only me who can get access to them. I don`t let even my family to look through my stuff. There should be a little bit of privacy for everyone, shouldn`t it? Password can come in handy when you have kids at home. I can`t imagine what may happen if they delete my documents by mistake…

  4. Reply h.snell 23.12.2016 at 21:25

    Still i think this is a useful information and it`s good to know how it works. I don`t see myself getting rid of the password though… Not forever at least. I could do it just for a few days maybe… if i`m home alone so that i can be sure no one is gonna use my computer. 🙂
    I agree that having a password is safe and i feel much better knowing that nobody else but me can see my data. And it doesn`t really matter whether those files important or not, it just gets on my nerve when someone reads my messages and so on. As you can see, i need my password to stay calm 🙂
    But it`s important to create a password which you can remember easily. 🙂

  5. Reply alyssa 24.12.2016 at 17:21

    Once i did it, i mean i got rid of the password but i didn`t like it at all. I didn`t feel safe so i decided to bring it back. It depends on the person maybe. Someone can do without a password but for me it`s not an option. I remember when my brother found the verses that i used to write for myself and he started making fun of me… That was awful, i think i can feel that shame still… Whatever, since then the passwords have become my best friends.
    It`s not difficult to change the settings, it`s much more difficult not to worry about my files. Even if my bro has grown up he`s still a cheeky person and as long as we live in one house i have to keep on using passwords. 😉

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