HP Specter 13 audit: A staggering ultra-versatile portable PC that will make them go after your wallet

An attractive and effective ultraportable tablet, with a cost to coordinate. Here’s our HP Specter 13 audit.


As of late HP has created some amazing premium tablets that got individuals’ consideration in view of their shockingly sensible costs, portable workstations, for example, the HP Envy 13. The HP Specter 13 has an alternate strategy. This is a level out ultra-premium portable PC. It begins at £1149, has an outline you could choose of a line-up from 20 paces and availability intended for the future more than the present. It additionally claims to be the most slender portable PC on the planet.


The correct model we’re inspecting here is the 13-v001na. It’s a noteworthy spec as well, with an Intel Core i7 CPU and 512GB SSD. The capacity specifically doesn’t come shoddy, regardless of the possibility that you purchase the parts yourself. You can purchase the HP Specter 13 for £1299 from Currys PC World. It likewise costs £1299 coordinate from HP.


HP’s stupendous claim for the Specter 13 is that it is the most slender tablet on the planet. The astonishing part is that even in the plain numbers, it shows up essentially more slender than the 12-crawl MacBook.

That portable workstation is 13.1mm thick, this one is 10.4mm. It’s telephone review slimness.


Some might be put off by the gems like pivot of the Specter 13, yet the genuine motivation to reconsider is what’s on the back: the associations.

As a feature of its main goal to end up the most slender and most forward-looking tablet around, it has three USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports and an earphone jack, and that’s it. There’s not a solitary full-estimate USB port. This is strong verification the Specter 13 needs to be considered as the Windows equal to the 12-creep MacBook.


The network may put off a great deal of conventional tablet purchasers, yet in different zones the HP Specter 13 is totally made for this gathering of people. In particular, it has a pleasantly dispersed full-estimate console and a trackpad that doesn’t feel excessively chop down, making it impossible to fit the casing being used.

Being ultra-thin and light while as yet offering these PC staples is the Specter 13’s entire motivation to exist.


The Specter 13 has a 13.3-crawl screen. This is our favored Windows portable PC measure for a machine expected for “appropriate” work on-the-go. You get enough screen space to do equity to complex applications, without the main part of a 15.6-creep portable workstation.

It’s a 1080p IPS LCD screen that, as said prior, does not utilize a touch layer. You’ll be utilizing the trackpad every minute of every day with this portable workstation.

A great deal of our most loved convenient Windows tablets of late times utilize matt screens, yet with regards to the captivating outline, the Specter 13 has a more stylish reflexive wrap up.


A standout amongst the most inquisitive parts of the HP Specter 13 is the means by which it resists desires with its CPU. In a portable workstation this thin, we’d hope to see an Intel Core M arrangement chipset. They’re little, can get by with uninvolved cooling, and sufficiently offer power for general profitability utilize.

The HP Specter 13 has an Intel Core i7-6500U. This is still a portion of Intel’s low-voltage scope of CPUs, however has admittance to a couple of a larger number of riggings than a Core M chipset.


One alternative to battle fan commotion: turn on some music. HP utilizes Bang and Olufsen-marked speakers in the Specter 13, yet they’re not enormously noteworthy, particularly when contrasted and those of the 12in MacBook.

A few sections of this portable PC appears to have had uncommon consideration lavished on them, yet the speakers are much similar to a portion of the other Bang and Olufsen tablets. Some stable motivations mid-extend twisting at top volume, and the tone is somewhat thin.

These aren’t ghastly speakers, and they could be a great deal more regrettable given how thin the Specter 13 is. In any case, the MacBooks still stand out around there, by some separation.


The other unsafe part of the HP Specter 13 is battery life. While Core i7 CULV-arrangement portable PCs are effective, they can in any case draw more power than a Core M machine.

Beyond any doubt enough, the Specter 13’s stamina is great yet not standard-setting. At the point when utilized out on the town as a work PC, for composing and perusing, we discovered it goes on for six and a half hours. That is not exactly enough for full time work for the vast majority, and is a somewhat more terrible than some of Asus’ less expensive ZenBook


The HP Specter 13 is frantic to show up a portable PC without bounds, and that accompanies considerable advantages and disadvantages. Its incomparable conveyability is very magnificent, keeping in mind its outline may captivate, it absolutely is favor. There’s substance as well, with a shockingly intense CPU for a tablet this thin and strong form in the console and trackpad. Its message is somewhat befuddled, however. The processor courts fans, yet that is precisely who’s probably going to be most irritated by the absence of memory card space and a customary USB port. There’s a crowd of people for the Specter 13, yet in the event that you’ve not joined to a remote method for working yet you might need to reconsider.

  1. Reply O.P. 26.11.2016 at 15:59

    I didn`t expect that one of the HP devices would claim to be the most slender pc ever. Honestly, i thought that apple only could do something like that… Well, this is really surprising. But i`m not sure if i go for it because as i can see there are some disadvantages that i`m not ready to pay such a price for. If it`s thin, it does`t make it perfect automatically. I think that the battery life (for example) could have lasted much longer because even my ordinary (compared to hp specter 13 audit) notebook can work within 8 hours without charging. Still i find it a good idea to create the thinnest pc in the world affordable for most of the people.

  2. Reply Maxxx 28.11.2016 at 17:12

    I wouldn`t say it`s affordable for most of the people at the moment but the idea is really great. Maybe one day all the computers will become as thin as this one or even thinner… well, i`m sure it`s gonna happen soon. It`s just inevitable. And when we all get used to this sort of devices the prices should go down. But i cannot say that this is the most slender pc in the world as i have seen the other ones that looked a bit better. I may be too picky but this design is a bit boring… it`s hard to judge it by the photos though.
    Anyway, i would rather wait until it gets cheaper before making a decision to buy it or not…

  3. Reply A.Goldfield 29.11.2016 at 13:43

    I have never had such a thin pc yet but i`ve been exploring the options. It was interesting to read the review and some people`s opinion… I don`t think i`ll be waiting until the prices drop as it makes no sense. I live here and now and i want to enjoy my life and make the most of it. You never know what may happen…
    This pc could have been perfect except for its weak battery. This is what confuses me the most… so i need to give it a good think if it worth to pay so much for. I spend a lot of time on the road so i would like the battery to last a bit longer. As for the other features and the design of this pc i can say that they are great.

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