HP ProBook 440 G3

The laptop which will be under our discussion today (starting from £468) can address the issues of both business customers and IT directors. At 1.54 kg and measuring 2 cm, this 35.6-cm compact workstation is light for this computer market, strong and stacked with mechanical assemblies that technical workplaces need to administer hardware. While its dull screen and a not so extended battery life did not impress us as much, this laptop has adequately high execution to promote efficiency in offices and for business people when travelling.

Physical Characteristics

The tablet’s bottom part incorporates a solid, strong feel and a sensitive, completed cover that comes in “gravity dull”. Its aluminum-invigorated reassure deck bears a brushed-metal illustration, and felt cool and pleasant against my wrists.


The designers and engineers put a USB 2.0 port and a Secure Digital Memory Card peruser on the left half of the item. The company additionally filled the right part with a jolt space, Ethernet jack, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a High Definition Multimedia Interface port and a Video Graphics Array port.


The screen isn’t splendid or adequately vivacious to increase the amount of praise and compliments. Exactly when watching a trailer for a movie, I was perplexed by that it was so hard to see unobtrusive components.


The model which we attempted is a fine benefit machine, as its i5-6200U Central Processing Unit and 8 gigabytes of Random Access Memory let me to multitask easily. When I split my screen among a spouting YouTube video and twelve tabs, I saw no log stick or waver when I moved among pages and made zones out of this study.

Battery lifespan

The 4-cell battery offers rather average battery life, yet we prompt that you climb to the six-cell battery for just an additional cost of £4.

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