HP Envy x360 15-aq005na test : A vast but extremely adaptable convertible portable workstation

We audit the HP Envy x360 15, the expansive screen tablet that is additionally an adaptable half and half with a 360-degree pivot. HP Envy x360 15 survey.


The HP Envy 360 is one of the biggest convertible portable PCs. It has a 15.6-crawl screen, additionally a 360-degree pivot like some of today’s top way of life half and halves.

This is an unequivocally made tablet whose to some degree forceful evaluating ensures it doesn’t appear you’re paying over the chances for the pivot. One question remains: what are you going to with a half and half this huge? In the event that you don’t have a reply, you ought to likewise consider the HP Envy 15, this present portable PC’s non-convertible sibling.

Costs in Britain

The Envy run sits amidst HP’s portable PCs. It gets you a few ruffles HP Pavilion portable PCs need, however doesn’t have the allure, or the cost, of a Specter display.


You need to appreciate HP’s resolve in proceeding with a large portion of its HP Envy lines. Not just was the HP Envy x360 inadequately gotten fundamentally back when it was initially presented in 2014, there are even still 17-crawl HP Envy models accessible. Dissimilar to a few brands, HP still has faith in the portable workstation.


The other avant-garde additional is the HP Envy x360’s USB-C port. This little, reversible update of USB is set to one day supplant the stout links we’ve been utilizing for a long time. At this moment USB-C ports are not key for the vast majority, but rather you may distressfully require one in 2-3 years.

Console and trackpad

We’ve been utilizing the Envy x360 close by the Envy 15, and the two likewise have somewhat distinctive console attributes. While they have the same full-measure format, with a NUM cushion catapulted onto the side, the x360 has somewhat more noteworthy key resistance, however milder criticism when all is said in done. Neither one of the keyboards is impeccable, however by losing the fresh feel of the Envy 15, it’s harder to see what kind of feel HP was going for here.


It’s the pivot too that puts a specific concentrate on the screen, as review edges are more essential, and a touch layer can affect picture quality. At the end of the day, the HP Envy x360 puts in a reasonable, however not especially fortunate, execution.


Common of a bigger convertible tablet, the HP Envy x360 utilizes a low-voltage Intel Core-arrangement CPU as opposed to one of Intel’s all the more intense quad-center models. Our test unit has an Intel Core i7-6560U CPU, a double center, four-string chipset with a standard clock speed of 2.2GHz and a Turbo of 3.2GHz.

Sound Quality

It’s a Bang and Olufsen speaker exhibit that has a satisfyingly thick tone, and great top volume. Be that as it may, it is marginally inclined to mid-run bending when maximized and, probably on account of the workings of the pivot, the drivers don’t seem as if they are very much separated along the x360’s width.

They are boisterous and fat, additionally to some degree contract sounding speakers.

Battery life

At last, how about we handle battery life. The Envy x360 has a 55.7Wh battery that HP says will keep going for up to 10 hours, despite the fact that we would say it is less durable.

Playing a 720p video back at 120cd/m, which is low-strain regarding show splendor and CPU request, it keeps going seven hours 20 minutes. You ought to likewise expect bring down stamina with more blended utilize that accompanies general everyday work.


The Dell Envy x360 is an abnormal tablet, as a convertible that is somewhat too substantial and overwhelming to be viewed as ultra-convenient. Genuinely long battery life, an aluminum casing and populist center specs take it back to the standard, however. In any case, there are a couple excessively numerous little issues to consider the Envy x360 a genuine hit.

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    The tablets are getting more and more notebooks look alike and perform almost the same functions… To tell the truth, i can`t see the difference between them anymore. I`m not an expert but an ordinary user though…
    I don`t know how much it costs but i`m sure it`s something rather expensive. So there`s no reasong to start dreaming about it even.
    Of course, i`m impressed with its long battery life but i can`t get it whether it`s able to work up to ten or seven hours? Well, in all cases that`s a lot…
    Everyone would be happy to have such an amazing tablet, but not everyone can be that lucky. All i can afford at the moment is just read this review lol

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