HP and 3M have made a decision about establishing native privacy screens into laptops together

Apparently, portable PCs of the next generations will have a privacy screen, which you will be able to switch on just with a simple click on one button.

Are you fed up with people in the office sitting next to you staring at your screen with important documents? Or maybe passengers on public transport? In 2016, a key on your keyboard will appear that will give you an option of making your computer display turn completely black and hide all the important information.

Two companies decided to help each other out and unite to blend the function of privacy computer displays into some portable PCs to enable customers to switch on and off this option by simply clicking on a certain key. 3M did not disclose too much detail. However, HP promised that it will launch some of these types of laptops by 2017.

At this moment, provision of privacy is enabled by downloading a not-so-convenient plastic sheet to make the view of the screen smaller (by decreasing the size of the windows), so that only the person using the computer can see what is going on. Anyone who is on the side only sees a black screen.

However, HP and 3M’s new integrated privacy screen characteristic will make you life easier, as your documents will be less likely to get lost or dinged up, and nobody will get access to your personal documents and files at the same time.

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