How to Show Formatting Marks in Microsoft Word 2016 and Previous

When you need to make sure that your text is perfectly formatted, without the stray spaces, or other formatting misuses you can check it on Word’s formatting marks. How to show or hide formatting marks you’ll see below.

So, it is really easy – just press Control Shift +* and you’ll see all formatting marks in your text, including spaces, tabs, and paragraph breaks. If you want to hide formatting marks, press this combination again.

If you always need to see the formatting marks in your documents, there’s a setting for that.

  1. Click file.
  2. Click options.
  3. Click display.
  4. Choose the formatting marks, which you always want to see.
  5. Click OK.

It’s all! Now you know how to show formatting marks and set it permanently.

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  1. Reply Amanda 02.10.2016 at 12:02

    So that’s what they are! Formatting marks. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know what the purpose of all those dots and flags was. I remember having trouble figuring out how to get rid of them once.

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