How to Keep your Laptop Data Safe

An efficient protection plan especially for your laptop computer is more important than desktop computer. As laptop is easy to carry anywhere due to its light weight and small size, so it is more delicate piece of machine than a desktop PC. Due to its weight there are more chances of breakage and as it is used in different environment so chances of theft also increases.

There are number of ways to protect your laptop computer in an efficient and effective manner such as laptop insurance, data backup, virus protection, laptop alarms, power surge protection, data encryption etc.

Laptop insurance is among the vital elements in laptop protection. Many people are extremely frustrated due to the insecurity of the laptops, that it might be stolen, lost or damaged. Nowadays laptop insurance is considered as a necessary tool to help you through this. You exactly have to find what is more important to you, what are your risks likely? According to some people, theft is more important than water damage, while others might have a different opinion. Let’s look at what elements of cover you think you will need. Consider extended warranty, loss cover, water damage, accidental damage and theft. Such type of laptop insurance policy can meet all people wants and needs.

Data backup is also considered as important element in laptop protection. Whenever the word backup comes in our mind, it definitely refers to data backup since no one wants his or her important data to be lost. And by backup you can take your important data anywhere even if your laptop is not with you, also you can share the data on LAN. There are different ways of doing this. It all depends on your backup needs and how you use your laptop computer. Backup to network, to CD or DVD, to desktop, to zip drive and online backup are examples of such ways. In an online protection your data is safe on remote location and one of its greatest benefit is you can access it anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

Antivirus. Virus is one of the biggest threats for the loss of massive and important data, virus nowadays are becoming more and more advanced. They can multiply themselves much more rapidly once they have attacked a system and are deigned in such a way that they are undetectable by antivirus programs. Everyday, numbers of internet users are increasing hence increasing the virus and spyware attacks around the globe. To protect your laptop from these attacks, it is important that you download antivirus protection and cleaner software.

Power is a greater issue in third world countries, it increases the chances of experiencing power spikes. Use a power surge protection to stable AC power supply to achieve high laptop security.

Data encryption on the other hand, gives a hard time to access the encrypted files even if your laptop is stolen. Use data encryption protection to prevent outsider from accessing sensitive information.

Lastly, Laptop alarms prevent your laptop from chances of theft, once your laptop is stolen no matter how hard you try, your data is unrecoverable. There are different free software that are designed to protect your laptop, these software sounds an alarm when laptop is in danger of stolen or losing the data. It not only sounds an alarm but can also destroy data if the laptop is stolen.

  1. Reply Kim 15.08.2016 at 00:29

    I have never heard about the laptop alarms before. I wonder how is the program going to “understand” if the device has been stolen or not? I would like to get more info about the way it works.

  2. Reply User77 15.08.2016 at 00:43

    So what`s the best antivirus you can recommend? I`ve changed a few ones but they were just slowing down my laptop and there was no real protection…

  3. Reply Nikki 15.08.2016 at 00:53

    Just a few words about the data backup… I dont really think it is safe to store our info on internet, especially some kind of important documents like id scanns and so on. Nowadays every account can be hacked… anytime! I deal with it too often and i`ve got too tired to change my passwords as i`m running out of ideas already… That is why the data backup in not an option for me…

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