How to download Netflix video to Mac

There are various ways you can download Netflix videos, in our method we’ll look at screen recording. Disclaimer: As this method isn’t normally allowed by Netflix, it violates the company’s terms and conditions, so please proceed at your own risk.

Screen recording essentially involves a program which records whatever you’re watching and then saving it as a separate file on your computer. This does unfortunately mean that you’ll have to let the screen recorder run whilst your Mac is on and playing whatever you wish to record. This might seem troublesome for some, but it’s the most efficient way we’ve found to download Netflix.

There are many screen recorders out there for Mac, such as Snagit, ScreenFlow, and Camtasia among others. For the purpose of this guide we chose Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, which can be downloaded for free, but will be limited by its functionalities through its trial period. For example, you’ll only be able to record three minutes at a time, this is where the paid version which costs around £33 including VAT will come in handy by allowing you to record for an indefinite amount of time. If you would like a completely free alternative, we suggest installing Monosnap.


  1. Reply Willow 09.09.2016 at 18:04

    I was excited when you mentioned a free screen recorder but it`s too disappointing to know that it would set the limits. Three minutes at a time? Seriousely? That must be a real torture… I wonder if somebody will go for that. I guess that`s not enough even to record a music clip… But getting a pro version is a bit expensive. So maybe i`ll postpone this idea until the better option has been found 🙂

  2. Reply Tim 09.09.2016 at 18:28

    I`m not sure if it`s worth paying 33 pound for the recorder when you can just watch netflix and that`s it 🙂 I don`t like watching one movie twice as i have a very good memory and it`s not gonna be interesting for the second time. Of course i would definitely get a free version of that recorder if it allowed me to record at least an hour at a time… just in case i needed to record a concert or a show of some sort…

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