How good are Brainwavz Jive Noise earphones? Low-cost earphones provide users with appropriate sound quality and a brilliant design for a top deal!

Brainwavz Jive Noise earphones are absolutely made for those customers who are looking for decent and stable sound quality accompanied by attractive appearance of the product itself. Keep reading our review to discover more about their features.

We are going to compare these with HTC 1 M9, Motorola Moto G, 1st generation of iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy 7. In our investigation we picked a long list of diverse music songs in terms of their style and quality of recordings.

Costs and availability

Amazon carries out most the company’s deliveries in Great Britain and the United States. This sounds like great news in case you wish to buy these headphones fast and from a reliable retailer. Many Ebay stores offer Brainwavz as well, and they pretty much always have a decent number of these items available stocked up.

You can buy these headphones from Amazon for £19.50 or at the brand’s own shop for $28. If we base comparisons of the company’s models on the cost, this model is placed last in our “Best budget headphones” list, which are a lot less expensive than the same company’s S0 earbuds. This is probably the cheapest it can get without mentioning headphones that you sometimes get with mobile phones as part of the package after the purchase.

Design and quality of the material

In terms of these features, the headphones are simply perfection for $28, since one could never foresee so much goodness from the style and build quality of the earphones. However, you can be pleasingly surprised with this product, just like we are. In all honesty, the physical excellence of materials and the constructed version is brilliant. This model’s key trait is a rigid metal skin, and it can be purchased in purple, black, green, blue, red and white. Without even trying, we tried out the black model. You may agree that there are no expectations for in-ear headphones to appear posh or expensive. However, there is a certain unique sense of style and fashion about this exact model.

Even though the 3-button on-cable remote is made of plastic, it does not look horrendous. The light, slim, curved wire on its own is coated with traditional rubber. When trialling the ‘devaluation due to use’ aspect of these headphones for couple of weeks of vigorous testing , we did not encounter any problems. However, we did not take into account the damage which could be caused to the headphones over a prolonged period of time due to knotting and slow ruination of the wires and the whole structure of the model itself; only short-term effects.

Jive Noise met our expectations of the typical in-ear headphones: these Brainwavz have a long earpiece which is slightly flexible and can enter differently shaped ear tubes and passages and adjust there well in a healthy manner. Immediately after unpacking our purchased item, we have identified an excellent ability of the headphones to block out unnecessary noise and to avoid the extra waste of time when trying to achieve a nice line of shaping in the ear lobes and blockage of noises and irritating sounds when listening to music.

In conclusion, I only have one single comment about this aspect of the headphones: excellent design and build quality for such a comparatively low cost.

Specs and characteristics

This model gets delivered to you with 9mm dynamic drivers, a 160hm impendance grade, the frequency spectrum of 20-20,000 Hz and sensitivity of 98dB at 1mW. The package includes a copper audio wire, a gold plated jack and a rigid-cover shell for travelling with your earphones to minimize risks of damage, to which your possession gets exposed.

It maybe that Brainwavz Jive Noise cannot outcompete other brands and models in terms of the development of their features and up-to-date upgrades. Nevertheless, let us not forget about the great quality of construction, production and the materials making up the headphones. In addition, even if the price was doubled or tripled, the audio quality wouldn’t stand out in a negative way or appear overrated ; it would be of the acceptable level, instead, as in our opinion these headphones are worth so much more than their present price on the market, but we are not complaining. By all means, this model is definitely a wonderful deal. If you wish to acquire earphones that will stay functional for a while, there is no better price than that of Brainwavz Jive Noise.

The 3-button controller on the wire lets you decline/accept calls, use your music player and perform other functions. The headphones are perfect for using with both Android and Apple software, which has been proven in our investigation. In the box which comes with the item itself, you also receive a rigid case and 3 rubber-like silicone ear caps of different dimensions. Additionally, you get a mix of foam tips, a shirt pin and a Velcro wire holder.

  1. Reply Kylie R. 26.11.2016 at 13:13

    i always say that cheap things can be good too so i`m not afraid of giving them a try. If these earphones are worthy then i`ll be happy with their quality and low cost, if it turns out they are nothing but rubbish i won`t get upset either because they are not expensive.
    I already like the description of the model and it makes me wanna order this stuff as soon as possible but i can`t decide which color to choose. It`s more than likely i will pick purple… or red 🙂
    And i do realize that nothing lasts forever so i don`t expect these earphones to work for ages. But for me this is even better as i get bored of using one thing all the time. So when they die i`ll get something else.

    • Reply Julia 07.12.2016 at 17:02

      You can get both colors as the price allows to do it 😉 They are very good for everything starting from listening to your favourite music or watching series and ending with talking via skype. So don`t be afraid of getting them. I think you won`t be disappointed. 😉
      I`ve been using them for a few months and i love them a lot. It`s been my best deal of the year i would say 🙂

  2. Reply Sten 27.11.2016 at 17:59

    In our time, buy quality and at the same time not very expensive headphones are not a problem. The only question is how to choose the best offer among the variety of options from multiple vendors. I immediately liked these headphones thanks to the original design, a combination of black and red, always reminds me of Stendhal and his novel “The Red and the Black”, you know!

  3. Reply M.Brook 29.11.2016 at 14:35

    I ordered them yesterday so they should be on their way to me now. Just can`t wait to try them out. I wonder if it`s really a good deal. If i like `em i will get some more for my sisters as a part of a x-mas gift 😉
    When it comes to chosing the earphones all i care about is the sound quality, if it`s all right then i am pleased. The logo and design are not so important as they have nothing to do with music. Most of the people will not agree with me, i know…
    But i`ve had a lot of different types of ear- or headphones and sometimes the most expensive ones turned out to be much worse than their cheap analogues. So this is like a lottery 🙂

  4. Reply R.Baker 01.12.2016 at 16:29

    Most of the earphones look the same to me so i always choose the cheapest option. The only difference between all the models is the price 😛 Surely, i will pay attention to these ones. Some people complain about bad plastic that smells or thin wires but this doesn`t scare me off. Earphones is not something i`m ready to spend all my salary on. The cheaper the better! 😉

    • Reply Elise 06.12.2016 at 17:02

      I think the same. Most often we have to overpay for a brand and the earphones is not the most important thing in our life. Sometimes i need them too though, that`s why i got these ones. The price was too attractive, you know 😉
      I`m not a pro so i cannot tell how good the basses sound and so on but to me it seems to be ok. I use them for watching the movies and youtube language lessons mostly 🙂

  5. Reply LittleBee 06.12.2016 at 15:05

    I must say that these earphones are very good and could even cost a little bit more which would be fair… But i don`t complain about the price at all 😉
    I enjoy listening to music through them and i`m totally pleased with the sound, it is pretty clear and there`s no noise on the background.
    They are good for jogging as well. Most often the earphones tend to fall out of my ears while i`m being on the run but these ones are just fine.
    I`ve no idea how long they may last for but at the moment they are my favs. One more reason why i prefer them to others is that i`m not afraid of loosing them as i can always order one more pair. 😉

    • Reply Conny 07.12.2016 at 17:21

      Great! I`ve been looking for some good earphones for running but i don`t want them to cost too much… Actually, i have the same problem and i started to think that that`s something wrong with my ears… lol Headphones could be a solution but unfortunately i cannot wear them for more than 20-30 minutes as i get a bad headache then…
      I hope the next time i go for a run i won`t have to worry about anything so i can only concentrate on my breath and enjoy the music. 🙂 So it must be a shopping time now 😉
      Once i test these earphones i will share my opinion here… unless i forget… But i have a feeling that they are gonna be allright! 😉

  6. Reply Dot 13.12.2016 at 13:12

    They block noises a way too good so that i cannot hear anything else apart from music. But sometimes it cannot be considered as an advantage. For example, when somebody`s trying to talk to me when i wear Brainwavz there`s no chance i can hear that person and answer. That`s why some people think i`m not polite 😉 And i would advise all of you to volume down a bit when you have to cross the street or use a public transport just to avoid problems and not to expose yourself to danger.
    I like these earphones in general, they don`t look too cool though… But that would be silly of me to complain for that price i guess.

  7. Reply bambi 14.12.2016 at 17:36

    I wouldn`t call it a brilliant design but maybe for that cost it`s really good. I must admit that these earphones are not worse than many others. I`m talking about the sound quality of course. And they fit my ears all right by the way. 😉
    Most of the time the earphones are hidden behind my hair so noone can ever see how simple they are. So their look is not so important.

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