Fujitsu Warns ScanSnap Isn’t Compatible With macOS Sierra

All Fujitsu scanner owners should be aware of that the ScanSnap application isn’t yet compatible with the new OS, and that some files created with the app could also be affected.

The company plans to fix the problem in October this year. But while, it provides some information about possible malfunctions.

  1. Some pages in existing PDF files can turn into empty pages when Sierra makes them searchable.
  2. The black and white pages can grow in size because they’re saved as if they’re in color.
  3. Users may also have difficulties with files created in ScanSnap with Sierra.
  4. The pages can be deleted when using the Merge Pages feature.
  5. The scanning can miss the back of business cards that are created in Fujitsu’s CardMinder.

These difficulties appear in every scanner even in the Evernote version.

The Fujitsu promises to provide the solution as soon as possible.

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