Destiny Rise of Iron Gamescom 2016 live stream as it happened

Despite launching back in September 2014, Bungie-developed Destiny is still a smash hit with a booming fan base and the upcoming release of the ‘Rise of Iron’ DLC proves that it isn’t dying down any time soon. The new DLC will be released on 30 September 2016, but what can we do until then? The Bungie team recently announced that it’d be hosting a live stream at Gamescom 2016 showcasing a snippet of what to expect from the upcoming DLC, and here’s where we explain what was showcased along with a second chance to watch it. Read next: Best upcoming games of 2016

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Destiny Rise of Iron DLC Gamescom 2016 live stream: Can I watch it again?

If you've just landed on this page expecting to watch Bungie's Destiny Rise of Iron DLC live stream hosted at Gamescom 2016, you're a little late. The live stream took place via Twitch on 16 August 2016, and although the live stream isn't available online in its entirety, Bungie's new ViDoc is. As we mention below, the ViDoc is comprised mainly of gameplay footage from the upcoming Rise of Iron DLC which can be watched at the top of this page.

Destiny Rise of Iron DLC Gamescom 2016 live stream: What was announced?

So, what can we expect from the Bungie team during the Destiny Gamescom 2016 live stream? Ahead of the stream, a blog post on the Bungie site teased that there would be new details released regarding the upcoming Destiny DLC, Rise of Iron. More specifically, the team would be showcasing not only new game modes, but new maps and features too – and they didn't disappoint.

Steve Cotton and Lars Bakken (two lead designers at Bungie) showcased a Bungie ‘ViDoc’ which was mainly comprised of gameplay from the upcoming DLC for those that can’t wait until next month to play it. You can watch the ViDoc above, but in summary we're shown Felwinter Peak, the home or the Iron Lords, along with Plaguelands, a new environment. A new Strike in a new location called the Wretched Eye was also shown off in the video. There are some smaller announcements too – but we won't ruin all the surprises. Sit back and enjoy the video!

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