Destiny Rise of Iron DLC and Destiny 2 UK release date and feature rumours

Destiny is still one of the most talked about games, which is pretty impressive when you consider it made its debut in 2014. It was welcomed by masses of PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers and offered a new first-person shooter from the makers of Halo. Here, we bring you all of the DLC release date information you need to know, as well as all the latest release date and gameplay rumours from the upcoming Destiny 2. Read next: 31 Most anticipated games of 2016.

Destiny Rise of Iron DLC UK release date: When is Rise of Iron coming out?

Destiny Rise of Iron DLC release date: 20 September 2016

While Destiny was released back in 2014, interest in the game hasn’t dwindled – mainly thanks to how the game was designed, and the addition of DLC that keeps things interesting for players. However, it looked as if The Taken King was going to be the most prominent DLC available for the game, and the company had focused its efforts on Destiny 2.

This isn't the case, however. Activision has announced what’s in store for Destiny, with a major expansion expected later this year and a sequel next year (which we come to below).

"Activision Publishing, along with its partners at Bungie, expects to bring a large new expansion to Destiny in 2016 and to release a full game sequel in 2017," the investor note reads. Activision was also keen to let investors (and everybody else for that matter) know that 25 million players have logged a combined 3 billion hours playing Destiny since its launch. A pretty impressive feat by any means!

What can we expect from the next DLC? According to the Bungie blog, we can expect the Rise of Iron to be something “far larger” than anything we’ve seen in Destiny since the release of The Taken King in September 2015. "The first of these early 2016 experiences will be on a scale close to Festival of the Lost. The second will be far larger than anything you’ve seen since the release of The Taken King.” There’s even mention of another “significant” update planned but, this time, focused on the world itself and the sandbox.

Destiny Rise of Iron expansion DLC

Rise of Iron was originally leaked on Reddit, and said to feature a new raid (likely Fallen-themed) loosely based on the raid that was cut from last year’s House of Wolves DLC.

In June at E3 2016 the 20 September release date was confirmed alongside an official trailer, showb at the top of this page.

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Destiny DLC pre-orders and pricing: Can I pre-order the Destiny DLC?

There’s no word yet on how much the Destiny DLC will cost or whether it’ll be available to pre-order before its release, however looking at past DLC releases we can estimate that it’ll cost around £39.99. Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this section with new information as soon as we hear it.

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Destiny 2 release date rumours: Destiny 2 announced with 2017 release date

Along with the announcement of new DLC for the existing Destiny game, Activision also announced a sequel to the hugely popular game due in 2017. Even though it’s still a year-long release date window, it’s great to have confirmation that Activision is actively working on Destiny 2, and that we don’t have too long to wait until it comes out. We could speculate that it’ll be launching at some point in the Summer of 2017 (possibly as late as September) as the first Destiny game was released on 9 September 2014, and the pre-Christmas rush proved to work well in Bungie’s favour.

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Destiny 2 gameplay rumours: What can we expect from Destiny 2?

So, what can we expect from the newly-announced Destiny 2? While details are, obviously, pretty scarce, the developers gave us a little insight into the planning process, while also noting that there will be more information available at some point in Spring. Writing on the Bungie blog, Design Lead Lars Bakken had this to say:

We’ll be plotting more specific waypoints as time goes on. Right now, there are hundreds of passionate people at Bungie working to turn the plan for Destiny’s future into the adventures, dangerous enemies, and glittering treasures that await us. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll share the details with you in all the usual places. In the meantime, we’ll keep the conversation rolling with the team on the support front. We’re also gathering up details for spring as the team begins to lock it in.”

It looks like we’ll have some more information sooner rather than later, so make sure you check back regularly as we’ll be updating this as soon as we have new information.

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