Dell XPS 13

The news on Dell XPS 13 is that it will 100% be an adaptable laptop with the Infinity Edge screen (which some of the older models already have installed).

The fast-approaching Consumer Electronics Show was meant to be a thrilling one. However, Dell made everyone contemplate about it even more for sure (maybe it did not mean to do so on purpose). The company approved to TechRadar last month of the previous information published on the adaptable hybrid model of the Dell XPS 13 to be presented in the event of the first month next year.

In addition, Dell also talked about the reports of the updated Latitude 13 model (which is to be demonstrated in Las Vegas) being true.

Nevertheless, PC magazine and Dell did not disclose any more information (other than that described above) about the devices in terms of their hardware specs or other characteristics. Therefore, the only option, which we are left with is to simply wait until the first week of January.

Since we are talking about the leading line of laptops made by Dell, we can more or less accurately predict some elements about the hybrid Dell XPS 13. Firstly, it is very likely that the product will contain the most recent CPU line from Intel- Kaby Lake, and provide a beyond-HD screen like other models prior to its release.

The only issue which is on our mind is how the company succeeded at placing a pretty much edgeless screen into an adaptable hybrid, which we are looking forwards to witnessing with our own eyes. Also, will this model go up to the top league in the rankings?

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