Dell Latitude 14 7000 audit: No babble efficiency business portable PC

Long has Dell been appreciated and its portable workstations utilized and manhandled by representatives and ladies the world over. This Latitude 14 Windows portable workstation is spring up to proceeding with that pattern if its all the same to you the relative official mass.


Once in a while, with regards to completing work, there’s stand out choice. For as long as decade that alternative has been business-disapproved, high power workhorse portable PCs and, hitherto, tablets’ more slender cousins ultrabooks. More slender doesn’t really mean less blasts for buck, however not all ultrabooks are up to the errand of turning into the versatile workstations of enormous undertaking organizations. We investigated Dell’s most recent 14in arrangement ultrabook, the Latitude E7470, to check whether it was up to the errand. Here’s our Dell Latitude 14 7000 survey.


A balanced business tablet don’t desire free, as the well known maxim goes. Beginning at £1,039, the Latitude 14 7000 arrangement demonstrates that. That cost gets you an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and a 128GB strong state drive (SSD). The model we tried was a Core i7 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD – this will set you back £1,289.


For any business proficient, the Latitude E7470 will leave a pleasingly recognizable impression. Matte dark complete the process of, directing stick, unique finger impression scanner and a plenty of ports permits this tablet toward slide into your work existence with small expectation to learn and adapt. There’s no plate drive here, yet no ultrabook has one, and the space spared is utilized to house the SSD. This implies no moving parts and ideally less warmth kicking out of the portable workstation amid serious working periods, to which we can authenticate – the Latitude E7470 doesn’t get excessively hot, making it impossible to hold like the workhorse tablets of old.

Dell Latitude 14 7000 connectors


The Latitude E7470 doesn’t mess about with regards to ports. Some are curiously housed on the back side of the tablet, yet this is to guarantee the sides stay as thin as could reasonably be expected. You’ll have every one of your associations with hand, including Ethernet, SIM, HDMI, scaled down DisplayPort and security link space.

Dell Latitude 14 7000 back side connectors


Dell Latitude 14 7000 keyborard

Much like the littler Latitude 12 7000 arrangement, the keys on the full size console are a bit curved to take into consideration agreeable, exact touch writing. We discovered pounding out full time work of long-frame composing to be exceptionally agreeable, and the keys give strong input that demonstrates the quality and thought about the portable workstation.


The show on the Latitude E7470 isn’t Full HD, however at 1366×768 it’s not the apocalypse. Symbols and content are sharp and the shading generation is incredible, if somewhat over-soaked. Windows 7 defaults to a content size that we discovered somewhat too little and fiddly, however it was effectively helped with a few settings changes.


Much like its littler Latitude 12 cousin, the Latitude 14 7000 arrangement tablets send with Windows 7 Professional. Notwithstanding demonstrating it’s age at six years of age, it remains a strong working framework, and anybody on the planet who has utilized a PC will fly around the portable PC quickly.


As you’d anticipate from a Core i7 machine, the Latitude E7470 is a genuine workhorse. Multi-selecting and multi-entrusting is positively no issue, yet at the specs and the cost this ought to be a given. Any entrepreneur considering this machine to power its workforce will be unable to locate a more skilled portable PC for crunching through the most memory-concentrated assignments.


Battery life is crucial to a client who may be away at a meeting far from power for amplified times, and the Latitude E7470 performed well, however marginally underneath its 12in cousin. Under our standard conditions for battery tests, circling video with the screen brilliance set to 120cd/m, the Latitude 14 conked out after precisely eight hours.


The Latitude 14 7000 arrangement has a balanced lead in the Latitude E7470. Its elements are unremarkable in the business portable workstation world, yet on the other hand, it does all that you need it to do in precisely the way you anticipate that it will. Frequently, with regards to completing work, that is decisively what you require.

  1. Reply Brigitte 27.11.2016 at 15:38

    I like the matte effect a lot but in general this machine doesn`t look too slender… in the pictures it seems to be quite massive and heavy. Battery life is okay though, but to be honest i expected to see something more than eight hours. When i was looking at the pc`s at the store most of them had those 8 hrs but their price was around 250-300 pound. Maybe thats why i think if the pc is pricey its battery should last longer. 🙂

  2. Reply Kimmy W. 27.11.2016 at 16:09

    Having such a PC allows me to do my work wherever i go. It`s easy to take it with me and i don`t have to worry about charging it in an hour or two. When the power saving mode is on it can work all day long. I would say that this is the best PC i`ve ever had, it`s reliable and efficient and not to forget about its nice design. I`m glad i made a right decision and chose this model.

  3. Reply Stefany 27.11.2016 at 20:39

    Externally, the Latitude E7470 laptop does not attract much attention. Most buyers will pass. And in fact, what’s to admire? The slightly rough matte plastic, wide screen. More experienced users also noticed the name of the model, quickly realized, for whom a laptop is actually. Business people and IT-professionals – that buyers who are ready to pay a lot for a durable casing and high maintainability. And here the Latitude E7470 manifests itself fully. Both halves laptop perfectly resist bending, and the screen and still does not respond to pressure on the lid. When the notebook is hardly weighty and thick.

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