Dell Latitude 11 for Education (3150)

Schools require shabby alternatives to furnish their understudies with PCs, and the Dell Latitude 11 for Education (beginning at £306) is a reasonable endeavor to fill that need. It’s a full PC that runs Windows 10 and incorporates a 250 gigabyte hard disk to store homework locally. It’s sufficiently extreme to withstand knocks and drops. Be that as it may, this current note pad’s Celeron N2840 Central Processing Unit and 2 gigabytes of Random Access Memory are slow notwithstanding when nothing is running. Regardless of the framework’s incredible console and boisterous speakers, it’s difficult to prescribe this portable workstation to understudies or to instructors who need to outfit classes with technology.

Physical Characteristics

The laptop has an utilitarian outline that is implied more for security than to flaunt. The whole undercarriage is made of dark plastic with rubber treated dark edges for stun assimilation, and the cover is unadorned, except for the company’s logo and a ‘Light-emitting diode’ light. The light gleams to tell instructors when the note pad is associated with the web, yet there is no application to change the light’s shading like there is on the Dell Chromebook 11. Raising the cover uncovers the 29.5-cm, 1366 x 768 display encompassed by a thick, terrible bezel and an island-style console. The device is on the substantial side for 27,9-cm journals, at 1.5kg and 30 x 20 x 2.3 cm. Notwithstanding, the company guarantees that the device is MIL-STD-tried against drops, stuns and outrageous temperatures, so it ought to have the capacity to handle life in a knapsack fine and dandy.


The laptop is fixed and surrouned with the uncovered basic ports everywhere. On the left half of the scratch pad are an Ethernet jack, a High Definition Multimedia Interface yield and a USB 3.0 port. On the opposite side are an earphone jack, a Solid Disk card space, a USB 2.0 port and a bolt opening.


The 27.9-cm screen on the laptop is dim. I needed to pump up the splendor to see the screen serenely when I viewed the trailer for Doctor Strange.

Console and Touchpad

I wouldn’t see any problems with composing some exploration papers for class on the laptop. The console has an agreeable 1.6mm of travel and requires 51g of constrain to push down, giving fresh input. I wrote at my normal 107 words/minute on a writing test online, with my standard 2% ‘blunder’ rate.


Everything great about the laptop can be rejected, in light of the fact that this portable workstation is completely lousy for completing anything. Our survey unit – with its  2 gigabytes of Random Access Memory and a 250 gigabyte, 7,200-rpm Hard Disk Drive – was amazingly slow. Notwithstanding opening and shutting singular projects created a tiny bit of slack. Having a few Chrome tabs open at once backed the framework off, making this a solitary assignment machine taking care of business.


The portable PC doesn’t compensate for its low power with longer battery life. It kept going a negligible 442 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which includes consistently perusing the web over Wi-Fi.


The packaging of this laptop is solely made of plastic parts. A blue, red or plain dark elastic edge decorates the packaging of the company’s portable workstation relying upon individual inclinations. In the meantime, it secures the gadget against smaller knocks. The unpleasant surfaces give enough grasp to transportation. We scarcely found any inadequacies in the manufacture. The crevice between the base unit and the outskirt has been settled pleasantly, and just the show’s edge has a to some degree bigger dividing to the bezel. Tragically, the show’s back is a bit too simple to gouge. Understudies who favor perusing on the Internet as opposed to focusing in class will soon be found on the grounds that a Light-emitting- Diode illuminates on the back of the screen when the system is dynamic. As indicated by the maker, the console and trackpad are fixed, and in this manner they oppose coincidentally spilled liquids. By and large, the little, 1.3 kg survey test makes a vigorous and arranged impression.

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