Budget and compact: Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA review

If you are considering buying an inexpensive and stylish notebook-transformer, do not pass by this model from Asus. At the moment it is one of the best hybrid laptops budget class. Is this a good choice or a waste of money? Let’s see.



The official cost of the laptop £ 309.99, but you can find it for £249 from John Lewis. Asus offers a number of modifications that can be confusing, but by and large it is the best model of laptop from this budget line.



Considering the small price, this laptop exceeds expectations in terms of design. It has a slick-looking brushed aluminum lid and a matched finish on the plastic keyboard surround. By something, its design resembles a more expensive Asus ZenBook. The display doesn’t detach, but its hinge allows the screen flip all the way around to the back of the keyboard.

Use it as a tablet is not very convenient because of the large diagonal and keyboard. At the same time, the gadget is very convenient in the road. If you put it in the tent’ position, you can place it on the tiny surfaces, such as a train seat table.

The laptop is very compact – it weighs only 1.18 kg.

Summarize, the laptop has a low-key stylish design.



The performance a bit disappoints. On board only dual-core Intel Celeron N3050 CPU with 2GB of RAM. CPU power is not enough to cope with multitasking and complex graphics programs or games. So if you need a more powerful computer, pay attention to the more expensive models Asus.

However, if your daily tasks are reduced to web browsing, work with the text, and watching videos, this gadget will suit you.

Another disadvantage of this laptop in a small amount of SSD – only 32 GB.


The 1. 6-inch screen has an IPS matrix with a wide viewing angles, what favorably compared it from the competition. The screen provides a bright and rich image, and generally speaking, it is one of the best displays in this price category.

Input devices & ports

The gadget is equipped with the USB-C port, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port, microSD, and a microHDMI.

The great advantage of this device is a full-size keyboard. Although it has no backlight, it is convenient enough.

The trackpad is weaker than in more expensive models. It bad recognizes several touches simultaneously.


Battery capacity is another advantage of this laptop. It can operate without recharging for 7 or 11 hours depending on the chosen mode of use.

So, do you really need Asus Transformer Book? It depends on what is important to you in your laptop. If on the first place for you the performance, better look for something more powerful. Well, if the most important thing for you are compactness and portability, this gadget is one of the best budget models which you should consider.

  1. Reply Amina 26.11.2016 at 16:10

    The word “budget” i like the best and it always attracts me 😉 But still i didn`t expect to see such a cool thing for just 250 pound! I`ve never heard of it before and i was absolutely sure that i couldnt get anything worthy for that price. I`m so excited now because i feel like i`m gonna buy it. To have a stylish and thin laptop like this has always been my dream. Thanks for this review!

  2. Reply Stesha 07.12.2016 at 09:02

    Such a beautiful design! I love small laptops, but this exceeded my expectations. Certainly only in design now, because I am not its owner yet. Despite the fact that this laptop is small in size, the developers have done a pretty powerful processor here. This can be seen not in all laptops! You can easy to take this compact laptop for the ride and it won’t create discomfort. I think all the fans are happy new Asus and including myself! But among the most advantages there is a minus, it’s 32 GB of memory. Many people who need a lot of programs, photos and much more these gigabytes may not be enough for their work on laptop.

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