Best tablet sacks 2016: What’s the best portable PC pack?

While it used to be standard practice, present day portable PCs scarcely ever accompanied a marked tablet pack – however by what other method would you be able to transport it? To abstain from being an objective for cheats, and to guard your fragile gadgets as you travel, we’ve gathered together a determination of rucksacks, delivery person sacks and folder cases that are intended to do correctly that.

Each tablet pack has a committed compartment for your PC, and sacks as a rule publicize the greatest portable PC you can convey by giving a screen estimate in inches. You may find that a portable workstation with a 16in screen will fit because of its measurements, regardless of the possibility that the pack says ‘up to 15in’ – despite the fact that it might be a tight fit.

The measure of assurance fluctuates from pack to sack, with a few producers giving all-around cushioning (with twofold at the base) and others only an interior pocket with no top cover. Perused our surveys to discover what level of assurance every pack offers.

And also your portable PC, you’ll require space for the power supply, different frill and your own particular apparatus, whether that is an exercise center unit, water bottle, archives, keys and different devices. Most packs have an ostensible limit, however this is generally the aggregate volume, as opposed to a solitary space for stuff other than a portable PC.

STM Velocity Linear

RRP: £55 inc. VAT

In some ways the new Velocity is a stage in reverse from the past Linear sack as the strap needs 360-degree pivots which forestalled them getting to be bent. Notwithstanding, despite the fact that the new nylon material isn’t as delicate, it has better water resistance and there’s new link passthrough gaps which makes it less demanding to charge a telephone or tablet from a power bank while voyaging. There’s space for a 13in portable workstation and tablet together, in addition to additional pockets for keys and other little things. An OK decision in case you’re searching for a little upright tablet pack.

Moshi Helios Lite

RRP: £95

The little, thin and slick shape element of the Helios Lite can convey (up to) a 13in portable PC along and a modest bunch of embellishments. We found the Helios Lite ready to serenely convey a 11.6in MacBook Air alongside all that we requirement for our everyday life at the workplace and feel that it’s simply the right size for ordinary utilize. The outside is ‘climate safe’ as per Moshi, and elements attractive strap terminations for simple get to.

The Helios Lite likewise accompanies an assortment of compartments (both inside and outside) of all shapes and sizes for conveying cell phones and other essential things – in spite of the fact that the microfiber fixing utilized with different sacks isn’t available here. It likewise incorporates a back Napoleon take for your resources (international ID, ticket, and so on) that is practically unimaginable for pickpockets to get to. It’s a little on the expensive side, however is a decent alternative for the form cognizant amongst us.

RiutBags R15

RRP: £99 inc VAT

In case you’re continually stressed that somebody will attempt and take something from your sack then the counter robbery R15 tablet rucksack will put your brain to rest. Every one of the zips are on the inverse site to general rucksacks so nobody can get it unless you take it off.

Top-and D-pockets mean you can get speedy access to things while other helpful elements incorporate waterproof Cordura nylon, bag strap, solid Thermoplastic polyurethane base and separable mid-section straps.

We like the new naval force blue shading and you can likewise customize the sack with RiutBands – brilliant clasp on groups which are intelligent to protect you.

It’s likewise accessible in a littler 10 liter R10 show which is £89, however both fit up to 15in tablets.

  1. Reply Vanessa 26.11.2016 at 17:12

    Sure thing, having that kind of bag is important especially if you travel a lot or just need to bring your pc with you to work. But all the options mentioned above are a bit expensive. I don`t find it reasonable to buy them as i can always go to e-bay and choose a sack with some fancy design that`s not so pricey. I don`t wanna keep my pc in a black and boring case. I like it to be beautiful and has a nice print with bright colours. I would rather buy a few bags and change them time after time. Having the same bag every single day is not for me. This is how depression starts lol Seriousely, we need more colors in our life!

    • Reply Milla 19.12.2016 at 14:39

      Yeah, i think absolutely the same 😉 These are not the best options for girls as we always need something shiny, bright and cute just not to look like others. Even when it comes to choosing a computer case we want it to suit our style, so can spend hours searching… I like those moments when my friends get jealous when seeing my new stuff and start asking me where did i get it from and so on… 😉 That makes me feel real good 😉
      All the bags mentioned above are good for men only. It can be a good gift-idea though… I think every guy would be happy to receive a 99-pound case instead of pair of socks on his birthday hahaha

  2. Reply Carl 01.12.2016 at 18:03

    For me, when choosing laptop bags are more critical characteristics:
    1. The sizes of the bag, it should not be less or more than my laptop
    2. reliable material from which it is made
    3. strong handle, which does not break out within two weeks of use
    4.brend manufacturer, it must be credible

    From the description in this article, such a description is only fit half the bag, the rest I would not buy.

    • Reply Dee 13.12.2016 at 14:05

      I can agree with the most of the things you mentioned here except maybe just one… Why do you think that a famous brand can guarantee the best quality? They often offer us to buy ordinary stuff which would cost a few times less without the logo. And this is their way to gain profit. I know for sure that it`s possible to find a good reliable bag or case at one of the local stores and it will not cost you tons of money. But of course if your budget allows you to get any expensive stuff then you can do it.
      I`m not ready to pay 99 pound for a tablet case, because i can get a flight ticket for that cost and i would rather do that 😉

  3. Reply Penny 19.12.2016 at 14:56

    I cannot tell for sure what kind of pc case is best for me. It usually depends on my mood… 🙂 One day i may like one thing and the other day it`ll be something quite different. Well, this is just the way i am 🙂
    Of course, i appreciate a good quality and want my bag to be reliable so it wouldn`t fall apart on the next day. It must be waterproof as well…
    I also think that we all need at least one black (you may call it boring) case. Some occassions may require us to have just a plain-looking bag and when you show up at the venue dressed like a parrot that may be not good at all… Whatever, this is how i see it and i`m not saying it works for everyone 😉

  4. Reply Bri 24.12.2016 at 16:25

    It`s hard to figure out what`s the best sack, bag or case for everyone. We all have our preferences so there cannot be just one perfect match. You provided us with the list but i agree with the comment above on that all those options are suitable for guys only. I wouldn`t pick none of those bags for me… Not only because of their look but the price as well. I`m not too fussy so i can be pleased with something much cheaper but i want it to be a nice-looking. If i google it i will get a lot of options and tons of beautiful designs. They may be not too long-lasting but i don`t take my pc with me often, so i don`t mind having a bag of an average quality.

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