Best Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Accessories: Surface Dock, Type Cover, Surface Pen And More

Surface Pro 4

The new Surface Pro 4 is designed to provide users with a device option that combines the computing capabilities of a Microsoft-powered laptop with the portability and ease of use of a tablet PC. With the release of the Surface Pro 4’s line of accessories, Microsoft’s premier tablet just became even more versatile.
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It may have been a rough-and-tumble journey at first but Microsoft has finally hit it big with the release of the new Surface Pro 4.

The latest addition to the tech company’s line of Surface Pro tablet PCs features a few hardware and software upgrades compared to its predecessors such as a slightly larger 12.3-inch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio, the newest processors from Intel and the cutting edge Windows 10 operating system.

The Surface Pro 4 builds on the success of last year’s Surface Pro 3 in introducing the concept of a premier touch computing device for Windows systems. It allows users to enjoy the computing capabilities of a Windows-powered laptop but with better portability and ease of use of a tablet PC.

Microsoft adds to the versatility of the Surface Pro 4 with a collection of accessories that help enhance user experience.

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

The new type cover for the Surface Pro 4 gives the tablet PC the look and feel of a Microsoft laptop. The simple yet stylish design of its keyboard allows for easier typing while its 40 percent larger trackpad allows for smoother navigation through the Surface Pro’s onscreen applications.

The Surface Pro 4’s type cover also has a fingerprint ID pad that helps provide users with another layer of security for their tablet.

This Microsoft accessory is compatible with the Surface Pro 3 and is available in six different colors to match the preference of style-conscious users.

Microsoft Surface Pen

One advantage the Surface Pro 4 has over other tablet PCs is its signature Surface Pen, which comes with every Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Compared to other stylus pens, the Surface Pen does not require any charging in order for it to be used. It features 1,024 different sensitivity levels that recreate the feel of writing on real paper using an ink-based pen.

This Surface Pro 4 accessory is not only for digital artists who prefer to work using a nuanced peripheral but it can also be useful for regular folks who prefer to take notes using their free hand. Removing writing mistakes on the tablet screen is also easier using the Surface Pen’s eraser.

Pen Tip Kit

Not satisfied working with just one type of pen tip alone? The Surface Pen Tip Kit features four different tips for the Surface Pro 4 pen to allow for a more versatile approach to sketching using the tablet. The medium tip registers on the screen similarly to a #2 pencil, while the low-friction tip writes just like a fine point pen.

Microsoft Surface Dock

The Microsoft Surface Dock allows Surface Pro 4 users to connect their tablet PC to other gadgets. This accessory sports four USB 3.0 compatible ports, two Mini DisplayPorts, one Ethernet port as well as an external power supply.

The Surface Dock is compatible with the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book.

Other Microsoft Peripherals

Other accessories for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 includes the Microsoft Surface 65W Power Supply, which can be used to provide power for the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book; the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, which connects the Surface Pro 4 to a VGA-compatible monitor or projector; and the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter, which connects the tablet to an HDMI display.

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