Asus ROG Strix GL50VS-DB71


Asus’ ROG Strix was at that point a gaming monster, catching a vaunted rating of four in a past survey. In any case, with its most recent revive, the laptop, the £1 375 portable PC is reaching out for the highest point of the gaming-laptop rankings. The 38.1-cm model is VR-equipped. In any case, a short battery life and a couple of different issues keep the item from climbing to the top of the rankings among the gaming-portable PCs.

Physical Characteristics

Despite everything, I’m not entirely sure about the all-in-all atomic orange and dark theme going on with this device. Yet, in the event that I put my shade-based biases aside, I can concede that it is a nice looking machine. The matte-dark, brushed-aluminum is stately in spite of the about gleaming neon-orange seal and going with darts.

Since the case was not changed contrasted with the specified forerunners, we will keep it short in this segment and concentrate on a few increases and the quality assessment. Both the aluminum top and the plastic front of the base unit have a brushed metal complete, which is extremely vulnerable to fingerprints and difficult to clean. The thin cover does not leave an exceptionally strong impression notwithstanding the aluminum, yet weight then again is not a major issue. You can without much of a stretch open the cover with one hand and sudden developments will just result in insignificant bobbing.

The construct nature of our test model is immaculate and can in this way meet the high sticker price. There are no jutting edges or uneven crevices. The base will just marginally twist when you wind it. That the general case does not give off an impression of being exceptionally tough is a consequence of squeaking sounds you can hear when the top is open and you lift the framework at the back of the base unit. The last can likewise be pushed in at a few focuses.

Screen and speakers

In case you’re searching for striking, energetic shading, the device’s 39.6-cm, 1920- 1080 display has you secured.

The screen is brilliant, with energetic hues and an HD resolution of 1920-1080. It has a covering that makes an astounding feature with regards to its ability to turn down reflection. The laptop’s highlight additionally includes the G-Sync innovation which matches up the illustrations’ card outline rate with the screen’s casing rate bringing about extremely smooth pictures. It also has an incorporated 720p webcam with an awesome detail and shading precision.

However, the sound technology in this model needs a technical remake. The bass can scarcely be listened, and at higher frequencies, the sound turns out somewhat cruel for your ears.

Console and other elements of the laptop

The 10.4-7.1-cm portable PC was extensive and gave quick, precise reactions when I looked through site pages.

As far as components and format, the laptop isn’t too terrible. The gadget highlights a chiclet-style illuminated console finish with a number cushion. Most of the dark plastic squared keys are dark, put something aside for the WASD keys which are a brilliant atomic orange, fitting in with the machine’s general stylish. There’s amazing separating and all the keys are organized in a way with the goal that you shouldn’t have any issue discovering your score, notwithstanding when utilizing the gadget surprisingly.

In spite of the fact that it has an insane shading palette, the laptop additionally offers a Chiclet-style console with vast, level keys and a full Num cushion. With 0.14 cm of key travel and 52 g of activation, the keys are somewhat soft. I figured out how to achieve 59 words/minute on an online writing test. It’s lower than my 65 normal score, yet at the same time- is still rather impressive. The orange backdrop illumination is enough for me to see the console in a diminish room.


The device is equipped with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics Processing Unit with 8 gigabytes of Video Random Access Memory. The Graphics Processing Unit offers around 35 % preferable execution over its ancestor. Furthermore, much the same as its 10-arrangement kin, it has the additional reward of being VR-able. When we ran the SteamVR execution benchmark to check the VR-status, it hit 10.6, pushing out the standard normal and the Dominator Pro, which hit 10.1.


We’re all simply sticking around for our chance until the new Kaby Lake processors come to showcase. Until then, the laptop’s 2.6-Gigahertz i7-6700HQ processor with 16 gigabytes will do. The portable PC spilled a scene of Gotham at full screen while running a full-framework examine with 12 extra open tabs in Google Chrome, and it demonstrated no dormancy.


All the excellent features, which we have discussed above accompany a cost, and on account of the device, it’s paid in battery life. The portable PC endured 159 minutes on our battery test. This is a lot lower than the 6:42 normal.

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