Apple will substitute Retina MacBook Pro displays that have faulty coating with brand new ones

Is the anti-reflective covering on your Retina MacBook Pro hammered without a known underlying problem? If so, Apple is prepared to help you out by fixing it at a 0 cost.

Previously, MacRumors informed us that some users experienced an issue where such covering on the screen glass came off very quickly, regardless of the possibility that the owners took care of it in the right way. Some time after the incident, they also quoted that the company will supplant Retina MacBook Pro screens with harmed covering without you having to pay anything.

Again, the same resource said that customers with damaged Retina screens who encountered this problem will have a chance to get a zero-cost substitution for up to 3 years from the first date of their purchase or until 1 year from October 16, 2015—regardless of which one of these comes last. In case your screen has been restored due to warranty as a management strategy, you might be qualified for a financial compensation.

Apple has not yet distributed a supporting file to its site in regards to the substitution procedure. However, MacRumors refers to “various sources,” and says that Apple put forward an inward update declaring the program.

In case you’ve experienced the same issue, you’ll need to call up the company and organize a restoration. Likewise, there is an option of bringing your device to the Genius Bar at any Apple Store, or get it to any Apple approved service centre.

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