Amazon Fire Tablet Now Available In China

Amazon Fire

The tech giant seems to be particularly excited about offering its Chinese customers English-learning features like Word Wise and Blue Shade as part of the tablet. of 2
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Amazon Fire Tablet

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(Photo : Amazon)

This Fire is spreading … quickly.

Amazon has announced that its Fire tablet is now available in China.

Already the tech giant’s fastest-selling tablet in the United States, the company is counting on the Fire to be as popular overseas in China as well.

“We’ve already sold millions of Fire tablets since launch, and we’re excited to now make it available to customers in China,” Neil Lindsay, Amazon Devices’ vice president, said in a company press release to make the announcement Thursday.

With Amazon’s Kindle e-readers being popular in China already, the Fire could present a next-level tablet option for Chinese customers, especially those learning English, Amazon says.

“With millions of readers already using Kindle e-readers in China, we’re excited to now offer another incredibly affordable option, particularly for customers learning to read English,” Lindsay continued. “With tools and features like Word Wise and Blue Shade, plus a large selection of Chinese and English content, we think readers will love the new Fire tablet.”

Users of the Fire tablet in China will have access to hundreds of thousands Kindle books with English language-learning features like the aforementioned Word Wise.

As part of Thursday’s announcement, Amazon China also announced its agreement with Baidu, a prominent Internet services company in the country, that will help power Fire’s search, apps and online video experiences.

With Amazon having a strong presence in China, there doesn’t seem to be any reason that the Fire tablet won’t grow to be a top-seller in the country.

Sounds like another big win for Amazon.

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