Acer Swift 7 review. The thinnest laptop in the world

Acer Swift 7 with 9.98 millimeters thick at its thickest point when it  has closed became the thinnest ultrabook in the world for now. What is this new? Is it practical? Let’s look at it a little closer.

Price and availability

The approximate cost of the laptop is £1,090. It’s a bit more expensive than the latest MacBook from Apple. But this is not surprising because Acer Swift 7 has some advantages on the technical side.



This is actually a very thin laptop. The gadget’s design reflects its price segment. It is made in black and gold metallic color scheme. In general, ultrabook looks very stylish and attractive. The only bezel around the screen is quite wide, but it is not so important.

Characteristics and functions

The gadget has a powerful processor m7 from Intel. With 8GB of ram and 256GB SSD, it creates a good combination of the productive work. It also has the two of the ports for charging, data transfer, external display connections, and headphone jack.

The laptop’s bottom has been providently equipped with the Dolby Audio system. Thanks to that, we gain the deep and clear sound if the laptop on the table.

Display and input devices

This thin gadget can boast of its bright and colorful FHD IPS display with Gorilla Glass. Besides, it equipped with the pretty good Chiclet keyboard. On this laptop is just a huge trackpad. It’s pretty convenient when you work with Windows 10 system.

The Battery capacity is enough for 9 hours.

This device will appeal to those who love beautiful and stylish things or in need of a compact notebook for frequent travel.

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